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Blog posts of '2017' 'May'

New Spiral Staircase at Golden West College Huntington Beach, CA.
Albina is happy to be teamed up with a very loyal fabricator on the Golden West College Project located in Huntington Beach, CA. Construction of a new 51,969 square foot building at the center of campus will house all student services. A new spiral staircase with landings was required for the new building and the California fabricator new the best choice for this project was Albina. This project required Tube Steel 16" X 4" X .500" WALL A500 GR B material to be spiral bent for the stringers and also bent flat (the easy way) for the landing supports. The spiral staircase also required some smaller HSS square tubing for stringers and landings out of Tube Steel 6" X 6" X .625" WALL A500 GR B. Everything on this project was bent to AESS standards.
Partnership Health Plan of California Construction Project Required Bent Rectangular Tube Steel
Recently a customer approached us with a very difficult steel bending project and wanted to know if Albina Co., Inc. was able to perform the difficult bends. The steel bends were for the Partnership Health Plan of California construction project. Partnership HealthPlan of California has outgrown its current home and will add a new 104,000-square-foot office building that will sit next to its current headquarters on Business Center Drive. This project consisted of primarily HSS Rectangular Tubing. The largest tube measures 20” x 8” x .375” wall and the smallest measures 8” x 4” x .500” wall. Some of the lengths were bent the easy way while other lengths were bent the hard way. Utilizing our in-house developed internal support system we roll bent all of the HSS material without any heat and exceeded all of our customers quality requirements.
Bending BIG Beams for the Murray Amphitheater in Murray, Utah
Got big beams to bend? Look no further than Albina Co., Inc.! We are just finishing up a beam bending project for the Murray Amphitheater in Murray, Utah. Murray Arts in the Park provides a summer full of artistic entertainment. The evening subscription series usually opens in late May and runs through Labor Day in the Murray Park amphitheater. This project consists of 55,000# of bent wide flange the hard way. All wide flange beams were bent to a radius that is tighter than 100 ft. The list of beams consist of: W24 X 76# A992 W30 X 108# A992 W36 X 135# A992 W36 X 170# A992 Albina will not shy away from any work (within our capacity) because it might be difficult to bend. We thrive on the difficult projects that others can’t do! Stay tuned for final installation pictures.
Bent Steel Featured at the "Marketplace at the City" in Surprise, Arizona
Albina Co., Inc. is happy to be part of the "Marketplace at the City" project Surprise, Arizona. "Marketplace at the City" is a 26,000 square foot single-story property located in Surprise, Arizona. Surprise is the fastest growing city in Arizona. The project represents a new trend in the delivery of healthcare, which involves bringing medical services to growing communities and placing them in retail locations. Albina Co., Inc. is providing approximately 20,000# of bent steel on this project consisting of Tube Steel 5" X 5" X .250" WALL A500 GR B and Tube Steel 12" X 4" X .250" WALL A500 GR B. A total of 46 pieces all being bent all to AESS (Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel) standards.
Did You Know That Albina Co., Inc. is the Largest Distributor of Angle Flanges West of the Rocky Mountains?
We have thousands of angle flanges in stock as well as numerous other component parts for your duct collection and air handling systems. If you need angle flanges or angle rings for a project, Albina Co., Inc. is your source. We can supply you with carbon flanges as well as stainless flange. We stock 3” – 72” diameter rings in carbon steel and can get you any special order items you might have (larger rings, odd size material, no holes, etc). We even have a small stock of stainless flanges that are the most common sizes we sell, we can also bring in any size stainless flange you may require (that we don’t have in stock). Connect with Albina! We can provide you with all of your angle flange connection needs!
Albina is a Proud Supporter of the City of Tualatin's ABC (America’s Best Communities) Initiative
In 2016, the City of Tualatin, Oregon was named a national finalist for the ABC award. Many local businesses, including Albina, supported the cause to help the City of Tualatin win the 3 million dollar grand prize. In April 2017, we learned that Tualatin did not win the 3 million dollar prize, but we know that the City of Tualatin is truly one of the best in the nation. Albina, and the steel bending and fabrication community is proud of the efforts that City officials and local businesses made to help make our city one of the best in the nation!
Albina Co., Inc. Supports Meals on Wheels People in Portland
Albina Co. recently attended Meals on Wheels People's annual fundraiser luncheon and Albina provided a donation to aid Meals on Wheels' vision that no senior will go hungry or experience social isolation. The mission of Meals on Wheels People is to enrich the lives of seniors, and assist them in maintaining independence, by providing nutritious food, human connections and social support. They also use their expertise and capacity to serve other nutritionally at-risk populations. Meals on Wheels People is able to serve and deliver more than 1.3 million meals annually throughout the greater Portland metro area thanks to the dedicated service of 145 employees and more than 5,000 volunteers. We were guests at the luncheon of Meals on Wheels People's Board Member and President of Alliance Steel Distributors, LLC. Marcus Lampros. If you are interested in learning more about the Meals on Wheels People Organization or if you would like to make a donation, please visit the Meals on Wheels People website.
Two New Rotary Draw Benders Aid Quality and Repeatability!
When striving to be the best, you can never settle and should always explore opportunities to improve. Albina adopts the philosophy of continuous improvement in all aspects of our company. We are ALWAYS looking to make improvements in everything we do. The most recent improvement we are committing to is with some of our bending equipment. We are purchasing two new bending machines to allow us to provide parts to higher quality standards and provide for better repeatability. The two machines we are purchasing are smaller rotary draw benders. The larger of the two machines will bend up to 3½” OD material while the smaller of the two machines will bend up to 2” OD material. We are very excited to bring these two machines to our already vast list of equipment.
What Information Do We Need to Quote a Job Specifying Bent Steel Parts
The quick and easy way to find out what we require when quoting a project specifying bent steel parts is to visit our online Steel Bending and Fabrication Request for Quote form on our website. Below is a summary of the information that we need to accurately and efficiently quote your job: a) Company Name, Address and Phone Number b) Primary Contact Name and Email Address c) Description of your project d) What is you Bid Deadline? e) Material Type & Size f) Material Quantity g) Provide any supplemental drawing or attachments that will help us bid the job. Give us the chance to quote your next job that specifies bent steel parts! We are a dependable supplier! Not only can you count on parts arriving on time, but the level of customer service and quality of parts that we provide will exceed your expectations. We value the relationships that we have with our customers.