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Yes, Steel Can Be Sexy

Whoever said steel isn't interesting or an attention getter is wrong. Albina has been bending steel to exceed customer requirements since 1939. The most fulfilling project is the one that is seemingly impossible, yet our amazing staff is confident that we can do it - and we do.

Never shy away from a project that has difficult curved members because you are unsure who will be able to meet your expectations. Albina is always up to the challenge. By partnering with Albina on your next architectural or structural project, you will be rewarded with bends that consistently meet or exceed your expectations. We will help you create that "signature" or "eye catching" piece that could help differentiate your company.

Capacity, accuracy and quality matter. Albina is an industry leader in structural steel bending, steel rolling and steel forming. Albina works with all forms of structural steel and bending profiles (e.g. angle, wide flange and I-beams, channels, rectangular and square tube, and bars), as well as virtually any other ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Visit our "Why Curved Steel" section for more information.

We can bend to your AESS Requirements!