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Technical Articles

Modern Steel July 2024 "2024 Prize Bridge Award-South Bayfront Pedestrian Bridge"

Metal Architecture Oct/Nov 2023 "Eagle Feather-Inspired Roof at the American Indian Hall at Montana State University-See Pg. 37."

Modern Steel May 2022 "Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences Wins 2022 IDEAS2 National Award."

Modern Steel May 2022 "Steel framed elliptical stair improves the visitor experience at the iconic Seattle Space Needle."

Modern Steel April 2022 "Steel tree-like columns and curved “steel” branches create a biophilic-inspired archway entrance and interior structure for the Freyer-Newman Center at the Denver Botanical Gardens."

Modern Steel January 2022 "Structurally Sound: Eye Catching Element at ChemoCentryx Headquarters with Steel in It's DNA."

Modern Steel December 2021 "What's Cool In Steel: "Flourish-A Gateway Art Piece into the city of Lake Oswego, Oregon.

The Ironworker May/June 2021 Learn about Albina's role in the rolling of the steel for the Jayhawk Central Stair Project.

The Ironworker May/June 2021 Overview of Albina Co., Inc. and Regional Shopman's Local 516

Modern Steel May 2021 "A Monumental Journey" Steel Art Sculpture by Kerry James Marshall Wins 2021 IDEAS2 Merit Award.

Modern Steel February 2021 A modern steel structure and curved architectural roof, are the signature design features at the new UCHealth Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Denver, CO.

O & M Metal Fabricator December 2020 Produced by NOMMA, a case study written by Jeff Fogel with input from key members of the Albina Team, on the great spiraling feat it took to create the spiral staircase at the American Airlines Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.

Modern Steel December 2020 Presents tons of fun projects showcasing the use of cool steel in the December Issue, including the Barbara Walker Pedestrian Bridge along Portland’s Wildwood Trail.

The Ironworker 2020 REFA Steel Erection and the Local 29: Complex Work at Hayward Field.

Modern Steel August 2019 What's Cool In Steel. Featuring a pedestrian bridge at the world-famous San Diego Zoo and "A Monumental Journey" public art sculpture in Des Moines, Iowa.

Structure August 2019 An Uncompromised Vision. Case Study of "The Spheres" in Seattle, WA

Modern Steel July 2019 UCHealth Longs Peak was designed as a prototype for all UCHealth hospitals and has a signature arched roof that serves as a branding element for all future UCHealth facilities.

A2Z Manufacturing West Coast Edition June/July 2019 Albina Co., Inc. Masters the Art of Precision Metal Bending. Featuring case studies on curved steel projects throughout the West Coast Region of the United States.

Modern Steel June 2019 From Top to Bottom. Featuring a street-level atrium in a steel-frame Seattle skyscraper.

A2Z Manufacturing Southwest Edition May/June 2019 Albina Co., Inc. Hits it Out of the Park with It's Bending Capabilities. Featuring case studies on curved steel projects throughout the Southwest Region of the United States.

A2Z Manufacturing Rocky Mountain Edition May/June 2019 Albina Bends the Laws of Metallurgy. Featuring case studies on curved steel projects throughout the Rocky Mountain Region of the United States.

Modern Steel May 2019 The Spheres in Seattle, WA. receive the Presidential Award for Excellence in Fabrication.

Modern Steel April 2019 Curved Steel. How it happens, what to know when it comes to designing it and why you should consider it for your next project.

Tube & Pipe Journal March 2019 Digital Technologies Help Albina Find Path to the Future. Manual process give way to CNC, CMM and I4.0. Featuring Thomas Jefferson School of Law spiral staircase case study.

Portland Business Journal January 2019 Albina Co., Inc., Founded in 1939, Celebrates 80 Years of Steel Bending.

Modern Steel January 2016  There's More Than One Way to Bend a Beam. Why frame a building with straight structural steel when you can use curved steel?

Modern Steel July 2008A Conversation with Albina Co., Inc. What do we want you to know about Bending?

Modern Steel May 2006What Engineers Should Know About Bending Steel. With these tips under your belt you will be ahead of the curve on your next bending or rolling project.

Modern Steel May 2005Around the Bend. What Detailers should know about bending steel.

Tube & Pipe Journal December 2003Structural Tube on Campus. Aluminum bridge spans science departments at Central Washington University.

Tube & Pipe Journal May 2002Tube & Pipe Journal May 2002 Bending Square and Rectangular Tubing. Modern Science or Ancient Art?

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