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Albina Co., Inc.

Are you in need of curved steel? At Albina Co., we have mastered the craft of steel bending, steel rolling and steel fabrication. We curve structural steel members, various sizes of round pipe and HSS material, and plate. We are a small family owned business servicing the steel industry since 1939 and we provide quality products and services that stand out from the competition. We are located in the Portland Oregon Metro area and are able to service the entire United States and Canada from our single location!

Use curved steel to create one-of-a-kind structures for your clients!
The Spheres Seattle, WA. Gonzaga University Spokane, WA. PDX International Airport Portland, OR. Oak Harbor Wind Sculpture by Architectural Elements © 2018 by Melissa Marteny

Consistent, Accurate, Repeatable Parts!
C-276 Alloy Chemical Processing Tubes World War II PT-658 Boat Heat Exchanger Rolled Cylinders

Albina Co., Inc. has a full range of state of the art equipment allowing us to provide our customers with a one stop shopping experience for bending. Bending Profiles include angle, bar, beam, wide flange, channel, plate, rail, round tube and pipe, square and rectangular tube and tee of virtually any size from the very small to the very large.

When processing a job, generating a quote or providing bending consultation we are looking to be part of YOUR TEAM and not just a vendor. Our staff is made up of experts that are not satisfied with "good enough"; our staff strives to exceed your expectations.

Every order we process will be confirmed back to you and it will be reviewed by two members of management (production and QC) BEFORE we start production. This ensures that the most accurate information is delivered to our shop for processing.

We have developed our own custom in-house management software that helps us service you during every aspect of your project. In addition to our in-house management software, we also offer calculators on our website to assist with complicated bending computation such as spiral bending math.

Our customers are our best sales staff. We frequently hear from our customers that materials provided by Albina are in better condition, less distortion and dimensionally more accurate when compared to previous experiences with other bending companies.

We would love to partner with you on your next project. Do not let distance be a deterrent, consider us your "local" bending partner and experience the unmatched quality and service we offer at Albina Co., Inc.

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Feel free to contact us today for a free quote on your next curved steel project! You can rely on us for large structural projects as well as manufacturing projects requiring smaller repeat bends. Call us Toll-Free at 866-252-4628 or email Fill out this convenient Information Request Form and we'll get back to you right away. We are standing by to assist!

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We got the first shipment of the curved tubes. We pulled 3 at random; they dropped into the fixture or were very close (so close as to be a non-issue) and were perfectly flat. Also, none of the ones I saw on the top of the pile appeared to be scratched up requiring us to spend extensive amounts of time grinding them to meet our customer's cosmetic needs. My supervisor was actually giddy. He said they were going to be a joy to work with. You made his day (and therefore mine).

Shannon S.

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