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Picture for category Point Bending & Gag Pressing

Point Bending & Gag Pressing

AISC Design Guide 33 Curved Member Design Section 2.3.5

Gag pressing, also known as point bending or cold cambering, is a bending method that uses hydraulic rams to simultaneously apply forces at discrete locations along the member to produce large-radii bends. This is the most common method for cambering beams to offset a portion of the service-load deflections; therefore, the hydraulic rams are located approximately at one-third points to produce a curved shape approximating a typical beam deflection curve. The supports for most cambering machines are between 20 and 28 ft apart. Because beam lines can be used only with straight members, beams are usually cambered after they are cut to the final length and holes are punched or drilled. If the machine capacity is exceeded, heat can be applied to the member to reduce the yield stress.

Point Bending/Gag Pressing