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Bending Calculators

Calculate Arc

Total Arc is:

  0.000 in.


Calculate Degree

Total Degree is:

  0.000 deg.


Calculate MO / Rise

Total Mid-Ordinate (MO) / Rise is:

0.000 in.


Calculate Radius w. Chord & Rise

Total Radius is:

  0.000 in.


Calculate Radius w. Arc & Degree

Total Radius is:

  0.000 in.


Calculate Ovality

Ovality % is:



  • All dimensions are entered in inches and all outputs will be in inches.
  • All dimensions are to be rounded to .xxx
  • Enter consistent dimensions(i.e. if you enter an inside dimension for one input, enter an inside dimension for your other inputs. Do not mix inside, outside, and centerline dimensions).

**Albina takes no responsibility for the calculated results.

Bending calculator diagram

The developed elevation view shows the component in a flattened or unwrapped view. The degree of arc in plan relates directly to the overall run in developed elevation.