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General Questions:

Q- Size of our company?

A- We have a 50,000 sq. foot building on 4.84 acres of land (approximately 3 acres of storage/yard). We employee 40 shop workers comprised of the Local 516 Iron Workers Union and salaried office staff.

Q- Do we make or supply straight pipe (are we a material supplier)?

A- No, we do not make pipe. We can supply you with a referral based on the type of material you are looking for or "middle-man" the purchase for you as a service.

Q- Does your company offer tours to customers?

A- Yes, we are happy to provide our customer with tours of our plant, but all tours must be scheduled in advance.

Quotes & Lead Times:

Q- Do we do Shutdown work?

A- Yes. We can offer "same day" or "bend as you wait" service as it is needed.

Q- What is your current lead time?

A- Our lead time can vary, depending on our current backlog of each individual machine or process required. The best way to "tackle" lead time requests is to let Albina know your preferred delivery requirements so we can "work backwards from there" to ensure we are able to accommodate your needs.

Q- Can you quote including material?

A- Yes we provide bids with labor – material – and freight components broken out upon request.

Bending/Technical Questions:

Q- Do we bend anything other than pipe?

A- In addition to round pipe, square, and rectangular tubing, Albina is also proficient in bending /forming the following structural materials: angle, flat bar, square bar, wide flange (I-beam), channel, split tee, round bar, plate, extrusion and rail.

Q- Do you only roll/bend carbon material?

A- We roll/bend all metals from carbon to the very exotic.

Q- Do we do Induction Bending?

A- We have an induction heat source and when the metals are subject to induction bending, they are heated externally (from the outside of the material and the heat transfers through the material to the inside of the material) using copper induction coils. The heat zone (heated area) is typically a fairly narrow circumferential area (2" – 6"), which matches the width of the induction coils that are being used to heat the material. Induction heat sources are extremely accurate in their ability to control the temperature of the material. Materials are heated using high frequency induced electrical power. Companies using induction heat for bending will typically slowly move material through an induction heating coil and bend materials incrementally (in small increment sections) or they will use a fixed radius arm arrangement to reach a desired radius.

Q- This is an AESS project (Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel). What kind of distortion can be expected?

A- Though there are many factors that can depict what kind of distortion can be expected (Material size, radius, rolling profile, etc.), we are able to offer "Tube Steel Distortion Estimates" that can show a detailed view of what can be expected as far as distortion. Albina is the leader in the industry for AESS Rolling, as we have several methods/options in place in order to accommodate your project requirements to ensure you are satisfied with the end results.

Q- What happens if there is unexpected distortion during the bending process? How do you deal with that?

A- Albina has the ability to produce from customer supplied samples, drawings, fixtures or templates. Distortion estimates will be provided upon request to eliminate any uncertainty by the customer. We will communicate with you to discuss the level of distortion and the level of exposure. If the customer is satisfied with the distortion the conversation is documented. Sometimes, we will look at things like substituting a thicker material or post bending repairs to the dents/waves in special circumstances.

Detailing & Design:

Q- Does Albina do any design/detailing work?

A- Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any "formal" design or detailing services. However, we are absolutely willing to discuss our abilities with any detailers/engineers/architects/project managers/etc. to make sure our customer's requirements are met and the project is completed as efficiently as possible. We are able to make suggestions and sometimes even possible design changes that may simplify the project, often times saving our customers time and money.

Q- What if my detailer needs help drawing a helical stair so you can roll it?

A- The estimating department will work with your detailer and explain how it needs to be drawn so we can perform the work.

Shipping, Freight and Material Handling Questions:

Q- Storage - Are we willing to store large amounts of material for duration of jobs?

A- We are happy to store larger amounts of material.

Q- How can I get material from our area to your shop and back again?

A- When we do a quote we have a material number, labor number and approximate freight to your shop. If you choose to purchase the material we have all of the major suppliers in the Portland area who deliver for free to our shop. We will work with you either way, you provide material or we can. It is important to understand that you do not need to ship material from your local steel supply house to our facility for processing.

Payment Terms:

Q- Terms & Conditions:

A- Please click here for our Terms & Conditions

Q- Privacy Statement:

A- We respect your privacy. Any and all information collected at our facility will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, disclosed or loaned. Any information you provide will be held with the utmost care and will not be used in ways that you have not consented to. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.

Q- Credit Application:

A- Please click here for our Credit Application. Please complete and e-mail or fax to our Accounting Department at the number provided on the form. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Q- Do you accept Credit Card Payments?

A- No. Albina does not take credit cards. However, we do accept both regular and electronic checks, cash, ACH & Wire payments. Please call Debee at 503-692-6010 to discuss the form of payment that best suits your needs.

Fabrication & Finishing Work:

Q- Fabrication- Do you have certified welders?

A- Yes, we have certified welders. If they are not certified to the specs you need then we will have them certified by the local union.

Q- Finish coating - do we paint or finish coat products? If no, do we work with any local finish coaters?

A- We do not paint or finish coat here, but we have several local companies we work with who are happy to provide this service when it is required.

Q- Do we do onsite fabrication?

A- No, but we can provide you with a referral.

Component Parts:

Q- Do we stock galvanized angle flanges?

A- No, but we can special order them for you and drop ship them direct to your desired location. All special orders will ship from the factory in two days or less- so a fast turnaround is never a problem. We also have the ability to get any standard stock flanges hot dip galvanized at the local galvanizer that is located less than a mile from our facility.

Q- What is the benefit of an Electro-Plated angle flange and can you provide these?

A- Electroplating is a process of applying zinc and clear chromate to the surface of the steel to help with corrosion protection. The spec that our electroplating adheres to is ASTM B633 type iii. The thickness of this coating is .0002". Electro plated rings are a nice option to priming angle rings in house and it also prevents carbon steel from rusting. YES, we can provide these.

Q-Do we stock angle flanges without holes?

A- No, but we can special order them for you and drop ship them direct to your desired location. All special orders will ship from the factory in two days or less- so a fast turnaround is never a problem. We can offer any size angle flange (standard or non-standard) with or without holes.

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