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Where Capacity, Accuracy and Quality Makes a Difference

Albina Co., Inc. is an industry leader in structural steel bending, steel rolling and steel forming. Albina works with all forms of structural steel including angle, bar, beam, wide flange, channel, plate, rail, round tube and pipe, square and rectangular tube and tee of various sizes from the very small to the very large, as well as virtually any other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Albina has proven to be capable of supplying unique, quality products to a wide range of end users. We work with architects and engineers early on in projects where curved steel members have been specified in the building design. Albina Co., Inc. works directly with structural steel fabricators and general contractors throughout the duration and erection of a project requiring curved steel members.

In addition to standard bend profiles, Albina Co., Inc. offers specialty bending including Spiral, Circular and Helical Bending, Multi Plane Bending, Off-Axis Bending, Elliptical/Parabolic Bending, and Offset/S-Curves Bending.