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Other Component Parts

Clamp Together Ducting:

Our clamp together duct system utilizes a heavy duty, all welded, all stainless clamp to encompass and securely connect the rolled lips pre-formed on the ends of the components. The heavy duty standard gasket is n-buna rubber- a material that is acceptable for most uses. Other materials are available for high temp, FDA, and corrosive applications. An adjustable clamp is also available for ‘positive’ pressure systems and application where leaks ‘MUST’ be avoided. Albina Co., Inc. partners with a manufacturing facility back East to provide Clamp Together Ducting products.

Clamp Together Ducting

Plate Flanges:

Mild steel, non-pressure rated, flat rings (laser cut from plate); utilized where piping sections of heavy gauge tube or pipe are connected. Primarily used in Pneumatic Conveying or Chip Conveying Systems. All plate flanges are laser cut with holes for easy alignment and installation.

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Plate Flange

Automatic Gates:

Pneumatically operated/electrically controlled gates are able to provide collection where and when needed. By connecting the gate’s solenoid to virtually any electric source, and supplying 90 psi from the compressor, the gates can open and shut upon requirement.

automatic gates

Ball Joints:

Spun steel galvanized ball joints provide flexibility in ducts serving moving cutter heads or other moving equipment. Thus, duct can swing through an arc while maintaining exhaust flow in the line. Ball joints are available in 3" through 12" diameter.

Ball Joints

Floor Sweeps:

Sweeps have tight fitting doors, conveniently opened by foot. Installed near drills, benches, etc., for floor cleanup use. Floor sweeps are made from 18 gauge galvanized material with a 6" diameter connection. Floor sweeps are available as shown.

Floor sweeps

Oil Mist Accumulator and Spark Trap:

Oil Mist Accumulator and Spark Trap. A series of internal cones serve to trap mist droplets or slow sparks as they burn out. Accumulator have a drain hose that returns the liquid to the machine. Both have quick easy clean out utilizing the rolled lip clamp.

oil mist accumulator

Oil Mist Curbs:

Oil mist curbs capture oil that leaks from around or under flex hose in oil mist applications. A curb captures the liquid. Weep holes allow the liquid to ‘weep’ back into the machine.

oil mist curbs

No Loss Stack:

No loss stack eliminates fan exhaust back pressure and therefore improves system efficiency and effectiveness. Straight thru duct in a duct design allows vertical exhaust and still protects from rain getting into the system.

no loss stack


Silencers for lowering the decibel level of fan exhaust.