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Blog posts of '2015' 'September'

Albina Co., Inc. Introduces Induction Heating Capabilities
The last few years of market growth have allowed Albina to increase our capabilities, our staff and to acquire some innovative new equipment and implement new processes on that equipment. We are proud to announce the newest bending technology at Albina, which is induction heating. Albina has used heat to bend materials for decades, utilizing alternatives to the actual process of induction heating. We have built upon our vast knowledge base for hot increment bending and are now applying an induction heat source to our recently upgraded increment bending process. This is a very exciting step for Albina and for our loyal customers across the United States and Canada. Our new heating source and bending process will help expand the material range we can work with, radii that we can bend and it will allow us meet the “induction only” heating requirements that certain projects specify. We are confident that our new induction heat source and increment bending process will allow Albina to better service our customer’s needs. Albina’s experienced, friendly, qualified staff has the ability to meet all of our customers bending, rolling and fabrication needs.