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Blog posts of '2018' 'April'

Curved Steel for the Fort Worth Multi-Purpose Arena in Fort Worth, Texas
We just finished a project for a new customer out of Texas. Albina Co., Inc. provided 40,000# of bent steel for the Fort Worth Multi-Purpose Arena project in Fort Worth, Texas which broke ground on April 18th. Albina provided 28 pieces of spiral bent Tube Steel 8" X 4" X .500" WALL A500 GR B the easy way to AESS (Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel) standards. The tightest section was bent to a 17 foot radius. The Fort Worth Multipurpose Arena will be a 14,000-seat, multipurpose venue owned by the City of Fort Worth. The state-of-the-art arena, scheduled to open in November 2019, will host concerts, sporting events and family entertainment, and will be the new home to Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo performances.
Curved Steel Goes to the Movies!
Do you like movies and the academy awards? Check out a recent project that we have been working on for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures We have bent and shipped approximately 328,000# of bent steel for this project. Materials consisting of: Tube Steel 12" X 6" X .375" WALL A500 GR B Tube Steel 8" X 4" X .375" WALL A500 GR B Tube Steel 6" X 6" X .375" WALL A500 GR B 6" OD X .375" WALL A500 GR B 3" X 3" X ¼" ANGLE A36 Wide Flange W14 X 145# A992 Wide Flange W14 X 90# A992 Wide Flange W14 X 68# A992 Wide Flange W14 X 48# A992 Wide Flange W16 X 77# A992 Wide Flange W24 X 55# A992 183 pieces in total were bent the easy way and others were bent the hard way down to the tightest radius of 56 feet. Check back for erection pictures very soon! It is going to be quite and amazing building!
Coils and Rolled Plate Cylinders
We recently completed bending some component parts for a customer which were a mix of carbon steel and nickel plate, pipe and bar. In the first image, we bent the coil, the terminals, the cylinder and the cylinder stiffeners. In the second image, we bent the inner and out cylinders on the top half. On the third image, we bent the upper and lower cylinders. Our customer was so thrilled with the parts that we provided, we received the following email from them: "The components Albina did for us were fantastic! Please pass along to your guys that the items you guys made were just about perfect. It really helped the fabrication process go smoothly. We really appreciate the work you did on this project for us." Cooling spool coil cylinders bent out of plate cylinders bent out of plate
Need Curved Steel for a Bridge Project?
Bridge bending? Yes- we bend steel for anything, even bridges! In fact every month steel is leaving our yard for different steel bridge projects. We recently finished bending steel for two bridge projects located on opposite ends of the United States. The first project shipped to Maine and consisted of 12,000# of HSS (rectangular and square tubing). Sizes ranged from TS 8” x 8” x .375” wall to TS 14” x 14” x .375” wall. The second project located in California (a week later) was for 21,000# of W33 X 118# A992 bent the hard way. We can provide bending needs for east coast and west coast projects!
Curved Steel Wide Flange for the UC Health Highlands Ranch Hospital
Albina recently worked with a loyal customer out of Colorado on the UC Health Highlands Ranch Hospital. The new 85,000 square foot hospital is being built as a proactive approach to the projected 25%+ population increase by 2025 for this growing area of Colorado. Albina needed to bend and ship 40,000# of bent steel to meet a critical project schedule. Albina was able to finish and ship the project days before the required date, once again exceeding customer expectations! The materials on this project consisted of: W12 X 26# A992 W12 X 14# A992 W16 X 36# A992 W14 X 22# A992 W14 X 30# A992 W16 X 26# A992 W18 X 40# A992 W18 X 35# A992 All bent the Hard way!
Curved Steel: Spiral Bending of Tube Steel for the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Believe it or not, but Albina ships our bent steel all over the US and Canada! In fact, we recently finished a project for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Our bent steel shipped to our customer in Virginia to be fabricated and was then shipped to the job site in Pennsylvania. We spiral and flat bent TS 20" X 12" X .625" WALL A500 GR B the easy way down to a 56 ft radius.