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Blog posts of '2018' 'November'

Curved Steel Bent for the St. Augustine Cathedral Square Conference Center in Tucson, AZ.

Albina provided 41,000# of bent steel to a Arizona fabricator for the St. Augustine Cathedral Square Conference Center and Offices project located in Tucson, AZ. Albina was responsible to bend 13 different materials including angle, square tubing and rectangular tubing. Sizes ranged from 2” x 1½” angle up to TS 16” x 4” rectangular tubing. This project shipped on multiple trucks, but to help reduce freight costs to our customer we were able to combine the different releases with other goods shipping to the area allowing our customer to pay for partial trucks vs. full trucks. The bent steel is part of a $12 million, 50,000 square foot four story complex (click here to see rendering). The first, third and fourths floors will house the cathedral offices, while a 500 seat conference and education center will reside on the second floor.

Curved Steel Gates at Chicago Cubs Spring Training Facility of Sloan Park
Curved Steel Gates at Chicago Cubs Spring Training Facility of Sloan Park

We spent Thanksgiving touring around the beautiful state of Arizona. We saw many of the beautiful sights in Sedona and even went to visit the Grand Canyon. One of the highlights of the trip was our stop at Sloan Park, home of the Chicago Cubs Spring Training. We were anxious to see the field, but equally as excited about getting some pictures of the 50,000 pounds of steel we bent for some custom gates that sit above the stands at the park. The gates hold the overhead field lights. We bent various materials for this project including: W6 X 15# A992. 80 pcs total. Bent the hard way to a 8’-9” radius. C6 X 8.2# A36. 42 pcs total bent flanges in to a 10 ft radius. WT8 X 18# A992. 4 pcs stem out and 6 pcs stem in bent to a 10 ft radius and to a 56 ft radius. TS 3" X 3" X .188" WALL A500 GR B. 30 pcs bent to a 4’-4” radius and 17 pcs bent to a 11’-6” radius. 4" X 3" X ¼" ANGLE A36. 20 pcs total. Some rolled leg in and others leg out. All pcs were bent to a 95 ft – 105 ft radius. 7" X 4" X 3/8" ANGLE A36. 7 pcs rolled leg in and 1 pc rolled let out. All pcs were bent to a 10 ft – 90 ft radius. MC6 X 18# A36. 4 pcs rolled the hard way to an 11 ft radius. TS 6" X 6" X .250" WALL A500 GR B. 3 pcs rolled to an 11 ft radius. 8" X 8" X ½" ANGLE A36. 3 pcs rolled let out to a 52 ft radius. Curved Steel Gates Sloan Park

Steel Spiral Staircase at the Ritz Carlton in Sunny Isles, Florida
Albina worked on a custom spiral staircase for the Ritz Carlton in Sunny Isles, Florida. This high profile spiral staircase was for a great customer out of Florida. When a top of the line luxury hotel needed top of the line bending, Albina was contracted. Yes! We shipped from Oregon to Florida to service the needs of our customer! Albina bent TS 16" X 4" X .500" WALL A500 GR B down to a 12’ inside radius (for the stringers and the landings). All bends were to AESS standards. Click here for images of the spiral staircase and the newly renovated hotel.
NEW MACHINE! Bend-Tech Dragon A400 Plasma Cutter
The Bend-Tech Dragon A400 is a commercial grade CNC tube cutting, engraving, and marking machine with the world’s most powerful CAD/CAM software. The machine will arrive in mid-November and is capable of cutting holes, notches and other designs on Round, Square, and Rectangular tubes. The machine can handle a material weight up to 400 lbs due to its heavy frame and support gate. The machine's marking system is used for bend location marking and part identification. To see this amazing machine in action, click on this YouTube video from Bend-Tech.Yet another example of how we are willing to continue to add technology and additional machinery to service all of our customers needs!
Steel Spiral Staircase for the Moab Hoodoo Hotel- Curio Collection by Hilton
Albina recently completed some very complex spiral bends for a Spiral Staircase which will be installed at the new Moab Hoodoo Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton in Moab, Utah. The 117-guestroom hotel will offer an upscale lodging option to travelers heading to the Moab desert community. The hotel will be surrounded by large sandstone monoliths that feature balanced stones, known as hoodoos. Materials bent for the spiral staircase consisted of: 4" X 4" X ¼" ANGLE A36 2 pcs bent leg out to a 7' 4" inside radius 2 pcs bent leg in to a 13' 0" outside radius C15 X 33.9# A36 2 pcs spiral bent to a 7' 4" outside plan radius. 2 pcs spiral bent to a 13' 0" inside plan radius. 1 pc bent in a single plane to a 7' 4" outside radius 1 pc bent in a single plane to a 13' 0" inside radius Spiral Staircase Moab Hotel- Curio Collection by Hilton