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Lots of OEM Parts Require Curved or Bent Steel!
Lots of OEM Parts Require Curved or Bent Steel!

Albina Co, Inc. produces consistent, accurate and repeatable rolled metal parts and components for various OEM and industrial business sectors. We produce small parts such as pipe spools, hydraulic lines, handles, brake bands, boiler tubes, heat exchangers, and coils.

We bend and fabricate pipe spools for a variety of different industries. We have the ability to provide small and large spools out of both carbon and stainless materials. Our qualified welders can TIG or MIG weld spools depending on customer requirements.

Our bent steel can be seen on various applications in the auto, marine, aviation, locomotive, agricultural and food processing sectors. Our bends are used on locomotive frames, boat frames, deck rails and even components for homeland security helping to protect our docks and ports. Here is an example of an extremely impressive bend for a commercial processing application:

Albina bent, torch cut out, fit and tack welded 10" SCH120 SA106B SMLS to a 12 ft radius.

10" SCH120 SA106B SMLS bent to a 12 foot radius.

Our plate roll is consistently rolling custom tanks for countless industries, brake bands for industrial manufacturers and non-standard pipe diameters.

Our qualified crew has the skills required to fabricate your wear backs, or other pressure retaining components.

If your product needs to be opened, closed, held or picked up, we can produce your handle!

Albina has the expertise to bend coils to virtually any configuration. We coil all forms of material: pipe, tubing, square and rectangular. We also work with all types of material: carbon, stainless, aluminum, copper, zirconium, etc. One call can result in bent material fully fabricated with flanges, fittings, miscellaneous components, etc.

Most alternative energy projects require AESS (Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel) and Albina can bend to your AESS requirements. Team up with Albina on your next project so we can help you recognize savings and treat you to a stress free experience. 



Albina Co., Inc. Virtual & Aerial Tour 2020
Albina Co., Inc. Virtual & Aerial Tour 2020

Take a journey in, above and around our production shop and office with this high resolution virtual and aerial tour of Albina Co, Inc. See our state of the art roll bending machines in action from a plan view, soar through our bays, watch our certified welders in action, and take a peek into our office and newly renovated lunch and conference rooms.


Value Added Processes In Addition to Our Scope of Work

In addition to bending, Albina can assist its customers by providing added processes to materials we handle. Many value-added processes can be included with our scope of work allowing our customers to receive turn key parts. Whether the parts are rolled, or standard straight sections, we are here to help.  Albina has countless pieces of fabrication equipment allowing us to provide complete parts whenever required.  Our talented fabrication personnel and equipment can reduce a customer’s lead-time and overall cost by handling some fabrication processes in house.

Albina employs several full-time welders and fabricators that carry various welding certs from AWS to fit the various needs of our customers. Our fabricators can weld steel, aluminum, stainless and copper nickel materials. We have MIG, TIG and Stud welding abilities in most of these materials. In addition to being able to weld, our fabricators and equipment allow us to add production cut (CNC), precision CNC trim (saw or plasma), punch/drill holes, CNC plasma cut holes (round, square, diamond, triangle and oval), rollbead ends of round material, flare ends of round material (37° and/or 45°), cope (manually and CNC) up to 6” OD material, split and taper both wide flange and HSS sections, cope T,K and Y connections in round and square materials, and thread or tap items.

Albina continues to grow and evolve as a full-service shop.  We have invested in CNC technology over the years to provide repeatable quality parts. Many of the secondary processes we offer customers can be performed using manual processes (for smaller quantity runs) or CNC processes (for larger quantity runs).  We are constantly adding to our capabilities and capacities. Please contact sales or estimating if you have specific questions regarding our ability to assist with your next project.

If we can’t do it….we know who can.  The industrial area of Tualatin where our facility is located is home to many businesses that can assist with the needs of your project.  We have developed some very close-knit ties with local vendors allowing us to partner up and service all of your needs.  External services such as laser cutting, hot dip galvanizing, sandblasting, painting, powder coating and precision machining are all within a mile of our facility.

NEW MACHINE! Bend-Tech Dragon A400 Plasma Cutter
The Bend-Tech Dragon A400 is a commercial grade CNC tube cutting, engraving, and marking machine with the world’s most powerful CAD/CAM software. The machine will arrive in mid-November and is capable of cutting holes, notches and other designs on Round, Square, and Rectangular tubes. The machine can handle a material weight up to 400 lbs due to its heavy frame and support gate. The machine's marking system is used for bend location marking and part identification. To see this amazing machine in action, click on this YouTube video from Bend-Tech.Yet another example of how we are willing to continue to add technology and additional machinery to service all of our customers needs!
"Hey Siri" Who Do I Call When I Have a Labor Shortage and Am Struggling to Keep Up With the Flow of Work? ANSWER: Albina Co., Inc. Can Help Service Your Needs!

Our industry is faced with a labor shortage right now and we know that many shops are struggling to keep up with the flow of work. In this case, don't ask "Siri" for help, ask us! Albina Co., Inc. is fortunate to have a strong union labor force behind us with workers that are available to meet your IMMEDIATE NEEDS. If you have a rush project that you need to get done-WE CAN HELP! If you have spillover work you need assistance getting to your customer- WE CAN HELP! Why hire temporary workers that you need to train? Why not team up with Albina Co., Inc.? We can be an extension of your shop. Let us partner with you on such projects as: Small Parts Bending Handrails Bike Racks Supplemental Fabrication (cutting, trimming, coping, end finishing, drilling, small part welding, etc.) WE CAN WORK TO YOUR BUDGET tell us where our price needs to be to meet your budget requirements and we will figure out a way to get it done at that price. IF LEAD-TIME IS A CONCERN, HAVE NO tell us when you need it and we will allocate the crew required to meet your needs. Supplemental Steel Fabrication Supplemental Steel Fabrication Supplemental Steel Fabrication

Curved Steel for the Philadelphia Museum of Art Skylights Project
Curved Steel for the Philadelphia Museum of Art Skylights Project

We currently have a job in progress that involves bending tube steel and doing some very complex end coping on the material for some custom skylights at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The coped ends are VERY complex. Every machine shop we contacted to cope these ends and slot these ends all declined. With all of our technical expertise, we figured out how to do the ends in-house. It is the most complex end details we have ever worked with. Albina is bending, trimming, slotting and miter cutting 150 pieces of TS 5" X 3" X .375" WALL A500 GR B and TS 4" X 3" X .375" WALL A500 GR B per drawings down to a 4'8" radius. Our customer will do the remainder of the fabrication. Stay tuned for more pictures as we near completion of the job!

Curved Steel for Skylights at Philadelphia Museum of Art-2Curved Steel for Skylights at Philadelphia Museum of Art-3 Curved Steel for Skylights at Philadelphia Museum of Art-1 Curved Steel for Skylights at Philadelphia Museum of Art-4

We Can Split Any Size Wide Flange Into "T" and Straighten To Mill Tolerances
We can split any size wide flange into "T" and straighten, in our profile roll bending equipment, to mill tolerances. Albina recently split W8 X 24# A992 into 192 pieces of WT4 x 12#. After splitting we rolled stem out to a 35 ft radius. We also bent 96 pieces of 4" X 4" X ¼" ANGLE A36 to the same 35 ft radius (legout). All of the beam splitting and rolling was for a new City Office Building in Northern California. [caption id="attachment_1420" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Steel Wide Flange Split into Tee Steel Wide Flange Split into Tee[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1421" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Steel Wide Flange Split into Tee Custom Fabrication Process of Spltting I-Beam/Wide Flange[/caption]
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