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Blog posts of '2009' 'November'

Tools Used to Calculate the "Content of a Bend" When Working with Bent Steel
Albina has created four new calculators that can be used by general contractors, engineers, architects, students, fabricators, and artists to help end users quickly and easily generate solutions to some complicated formulas used when working with bent steel. Have you ever wondered, “How much material do I need when bending to a specific Degree and Radius?” You can now calculate your content of a bend (i.e. Arc) by plugging in your Radius and Degree of is that simple. Have you ever wondered, “How do I figure out a Radius of a bend?” This is a common question that bending companies are frequently faced with. You can now calculate your Radius with 2 different calculators. You just need to know your Chord Length and your Rise or an Arc Length and Degree of Bend. With either set of data you can easily generate your desired Radius. Other calculators are available as well to calculate your Degree of Bend or your Rise. Albina knows that many of you can “run the numbers” and come up with the solutions on your own, but we wanted to provide a forum to allow for the calculations to happen in one location AND allow you to spend more time on your job and less time on running calculations. This "Calculators Link" on our web site is just one of the services that you should expect from your bender / roller. It should make everyone’s lives easier that are involved in your bending project and should certainly improve the ease in which information is derived. In addition to the calculations, we have included a graph that shows the different components of a curve. This may help answer any questions you might have regarding what the components are. For additional information and a more in-depth description of terms used in these calculators, please refer to our Glossary of Terms.