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Blog posts of '2015' 'October'

Curved Steel Pedestrian Bridges
Architecturally designed pedestrian bridges and walk-ways are often erected at transportation stations, universities, museums, business centers, and state parks. Most often, these curved steel bridges are constructed of bent or rolled structural steel including, pipe, square or rectangular tube stee...
Look Around: We've Got You Covered
When people ask me what I do and where I work, I get excited to tell them the answer because it almost comes as a surprise when I describe what our company does. When I say, " I work for a steel bending and fabrication company" many people look at me inquisitively and ask "so what does that mean?" S...
Oregon State University Student Experience Center Canopy
The bending portion of this project required very large HSS rectangular tubing to be bent consistently from piece to piece with little to no deformation. Albina bent 8 lengths of TS 20” x 12” x .500” wall A500 Gr. B, all over 70 ft long. Albina also bent 44 lengths x 60 ft and 23 lengths x 25 ft o...