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Blog posts of '2015' 'February'

There is a Price and There is a Cost
When it comes to choosing which vendor you are going to use for a job, are you just buying on price? Please don't. There is a price, and an ultimate end cost for every job you do. Price vs. Cost The price of a competitor might be below ours, but when you add up all of the actual costs to receive and install the material, is there really a cost savings? If you chose the lowest price, you may deal with late delivery, poor quality or incorrect parts and a lack of or delayed communication. If you choose the lowest price, you will get what you pay for. Risk vs. Reward It might seem like a risk to purchase from a supplier that isn't the "lowest price." The rewards are greater than the risk. Albina will provide you with a "fair price" and we will provide you with a better quality product. We will provide you the correct parts the first time. We will provide on-time delivery. Our trained, experienced staff will provide unmatched service and communication related to every aspect of your project. Albina Co., Inc. Steel Bending Experts
Curved Steel Roof Structure at Newport Beach Civic Center Wins Awards
The NCSEA (National Council of Structural Engineers Associations) awarded the Newport Beach Civic Center and Park with the “Outstanding Project Award for New Buildings Over $100 Million.” Albina Co., Inc. was the bender/roller for the iconic curved wide-flanged waved roofs that line the façade of the building. The AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) recognized this same project as a 2014 IDEA National Award Winner in the Spring of 2014. Architect: Bohlin Cywindski Jackson Structural Engineer: Arup Fabricator: SME Steel Contractors Bender/Roller: Albina Co., Inc. 352,000# of rolled steel by Albina • W10 x 26#- 502 pcs all rolled the hardway to AESS standards. Rolled down to a 16 ft radius. • TS 3” x 3” x .250” wall- 502 pcs rolled to match the W10 x 26#. • WT 3 x 13.5#- 158 pcs split from W6 x 27# (by Albina) and rolled Stem-in and Stem-out down to a 15 ft radius. • TS 8” x 8” x .500” wall- rolled to AESS standards • TS 6” x 6” x .250” wall- rolled to AESS standards • TS 8” x 8” x .375” wall- 60 pcs rolled to AESS standards Curved Steel Newport Beach Civic Center-3 Curved Steel Newport Beach Civic Center-2 Curved Steel Newport Beach Civic Center-1