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Blog posts of '2014' 'September'

METALCON 2014 Conference in Denver, Co. October 1st-3rd
METALCON is the premier event in the metals industry delivering a wide cross section of metal professionals in roofing, residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and municipal construction. Metal building, residential and roofing contractors, architects, engineers, developers, facility managers, fabricators and building owners attend METALCON.
American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Conference in October
The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Conference will be held October 22-25 on the big island of Hawaii. For a schedule of events please click here for the ACEC Website Schedule of Events. Albina Co., Inc. has created an entire section on our website dedicated to educating architects and engineers on the benefits of using Curved Steel when specifying and designing buildings.
Steel Day 2014 This Friday, September 19th!
Steel Day is scheduled to take place this Friday September 19, 2014. Steel Day is an annual event sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and hosted at various member and partner locations throughout the country. Steel Day is an opportunity for professionals from various industries to learn about the benefits of using structural steel in everyday applications. Steel day is an excellent educational opportunity as well as a networking opportunity to meet people and tour facilities that play a key role in the steel industry. Visit the AISC Website for more information about events in your local area.
Order Your HVAC Component Parts Today Online!
Albina Co., Inc. has developed an online ordering program forĀ Duct System and Component Parts. Albina has been a distributor of component parts for dust and air handling systems for 45 years! Stocked items (angle rings, plate flanges and cut-offs) can now be ordered online for your convenience. These stocked items, as well as our non-stocked items, can also be ordered via phone, email or fax. Albina's number one goal is to provide superior customer service and an online ordering program will streamline your ordering process. Log onto our website to request an account and begin the online ordering process. We have had several customers sign up to date and the new online tool has really streamlined the ordering process.
Industry Leader in Bending Large Structural Members the Hardway
Albina Co., Inc. is an industry leader in bending large structural members (such as Beam/Wide Flange and Channel) the hardway. Albina has the capacity to roll up to W36 x 230# the hardway and all mill sizes produced for channel. Bending the hardway simply means bending / curving material against the X-X axis. A hardway bent beam or channel section will have the curved web parallel to the ground when the structural member is lying flat on the ground. Bending beam/channel the hardway certainly poses problems and can result in poor quality bends not meeting ASTM-A6 standards. Common problems with bending beam/channel the hardway are waves in the web and/or flanges out of square or pulled away from the web. Albina has developed bending techniques and tooling that allow us to meet the highest quality standards when bending/rolling beams and channels. The next time you are in need of bent structural members (channel /beam) the hardway always be certain you are working with a company that has experience rolling the required size and shape. This will help you avoid any unexpected quality problems at time of receipt.
How to Order Curved Steel
There are certain pieces of information that we require to process your order for curved steel. When you call to place your order for curved steel, we need the following information: a) Material, including alloy or temper b) Outside diameter (OD) and wall thickness (WT) c) Centerline radius (CLR) d) Minimum straight bend between tangent points (ST) e) Maximum bend angle (BA) We can curve steel to your specifications. Please specify tolerances to be held on part shape and send drawings, print samples, fixtures or templates if necessary along with the above information to ensure that your bent steel project goes exactly as you envisioned.