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How Does the Rotary Draw Bending Method Work and What Types of Products Can You Make?
How Does the Rotary Draw Bending Method Work and What Types of Products Can You Make?

Rotary draw bending is a cold bending method where the member is clamped to a rotating bend die and drawn around the bend die. The tailing tangent is held against the bend die by a pressure die, and the bend die rotates until the desired geometry is formed. A mandrel is often placed inside the member to restrain cross-sectional distortion during the bending process. Bends can also be formed with special draw-bending equipment where deformations are controlled by tensioning along the member axis. Rotary draw bending is commonly used to form small radius bends in smaller-size round, square and rectangular HSS members. Specific tooling is required for each member size, shape and bend radius; therefore, this method is best suited for projects requiring many identical bends. This bending method is primarily used in the machine and parts industry (Weisenberger, 2016) and for piping (Riviezzi,1984). The maximum degree of bend is 180°, but the minimum bend radii of round HSS is approximately 50% smaller than that of other cold-bending methods (Riviezzi, 1984). Have a need for consistent, accurate, and repeatable bent steel parts, hit us up today! We are standing by ready to assist!

Bent Steel & Aluminum Parts Span Many Industries
Bent Steel & Aluminum Parts Span Many Industries

Our bent steel can be seen on various applications in the auto, marine, aviation, locomotive, agricultural and food processing sectors. Our bends are used on locomotive frames, boat frames, agricultural equipment, automobiles, aircraft, deck rails and we even bend components for homeland security helping to protect our docks and ports.

Curved Metal for Aerospace Parts
Transfert BAF - ZL 3

Curved Metal for Locomotive Parts

Bent Steel OEM Locomotive Parts

Curved Metal for Auto Parts

Bent Steel for Food Processing Parts

Bent Steel Boat Parts and Deck Rails

Curved Aluminum Boat Parts

Curved Metal Agricultural Parts and Farming Equipment Parts