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Blog posts of '2019' 'April'

Curved Tube Steel Used on Timber Equipment

We recently completed a project consisting of 400 pieces of bent tube steel 4" X 4" X .375" WALL A500 GR B for a customer on the east coast. All parts were cut and trimmed by Albina to a 1/16” tolerance. These bent parts will be used on equipment for the timber industry. 


Curved Tube Steel Used on Timber Equipment
Curved Aluminum for Rock Guard Frames

We recently completed a job bending some rock guard frames out of 1" SCH80 6063-T52 Aluminum. Albina cut and bent the aluminum to net 500 pieces.  All of the pieces were bent on a 5" center line radius. It was quite an amazing site to see them all packaged and ready for shipment in our yard!

Curved Aluminum for Rock Guard Frames
Curved Steel Tubing for Farming Equipment

We recently completed a great project where our bends will be used for various parts on high-end farming equipment. The bending project consisted of three different material types including:


Tube Steel 5" X 5" X .250" WALL A500 GR B- Albina cut and bent material to net 108 pcs.


curved steel for high-end farming equipment-1

Candidate must have extensive steel fabrication and estimating (bidding) experience (a minimum 5 years’ experience). It would be ideal if the candidate has actual shop fabrication or bending experience as well. Candidate must be well connected in the bending and fabrication industry and have a stro...

Curved Steel Seat Frames for Small Airplanes

We recently finished up some  Tube Steel ¾" X ¾" X .065" WALL 6063-T52 ALUM bent into a double 90° configuration to a 3¼" inside radius. These curved steel parts will be used for seat frames on small airplanes. We do a number of parts for the aviation and aerospace industries including hydraulic li...

Meet Brian and Jaime Smith-"Making Magic Happen"

We just returned from the happiest place on Earth (Disney World) and while we should be rested after 9 days of vacation, we are exhausted!!! Disney, just like everything else in our lives, involved strategic planning almost six months in advance just to ensure we could have a hot meal and ride the...

Curved Steel Pipe for Bridge and Pedestrian Railings

We recently completed a project that consisted of rolling 6" SCH40 A53B ERW to a 18" center line radius. The project consisted of 54 pieces in total and in going to a company that specializes in bridge and pedestrian railings. 


Albina specializes in bending railings and handrails for comme...