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Blog posts of '2014' 'April'

Online Order Program for Duct Systems and Component Parts in Development
Albina Co., Inc. continues to strive to be your "one stop shop" for all your bending, fabrication and component part needs. We are in the process of developing a simple online ordering system for stocked angle rings, plate flanges and cut-offs. We will continue to blog about our progress and will contact customers as soon as it is up and running. We also have many non-stocked component parts including clamp together ducting, automatic gates, elbows, ball joints, hanger rings, handles, floor sweeps, oil mist accumulators, oil mist curbs, no lost stacks and silencers. Call for pricing and availability!
Compound / Double Plane Bending of HSS Tube Steel to AESS Quality
Completing today. Four length of HSS 12 X 6 X .375 Wall Tube Steel bent compound to approximate 70' radius in both the weak axis and the strong axis / Easy Way and Hard Way. Minimal distortion of Tube in section.
Perfect Planning and Execution
Albina rolled / bent a 60' Length of HSS 16 X 4 X .500 A500 Gr. B tubular steel this morning. It was not the most challenging job on the whole, but we had no margin of error. A mill ordered 60' length of material that was not easily replaceable and would have caused significant schedule delays for our customer if it didn't work out. Rolled / Bent to a 12' Radius the Easy Way with virtually zero distortion. Planning and teamwork at all levels resulted in another example of the best available result.
Albina is nearing completion on Fabrication of Bent Steel Bus Shelter Canopy for Santa Clara VTA
First article approval nearly complete on a 44' X 13' football shaped bus shelter canopy. The complete assembly includes various materials. The main canopy frame is assembled from Rolled / Bent Steel HSS members to AESS quality, and large diameter support columns with rolled / bent round tubing knee braces.
Pressed vs. Rolled Flanges (angle flanges, rolled angle, component parts)
Albina is happy to announce a change to the standard angle flanges we stock. Due to the high demand for rolled angle flanges vs pressed angle flanges, Albina now stocks rolled flanges ranging from 6" - 72". Flanges measuring 4" and 5" in diameter can also be provided in a rolled condition as a special order item. The biggest reason that we are finding companies needing rolled flanges vs. pressed flanges is that companies can't have the gap between the pipe and the flange. This gap asks as a moisture trap and can drastically reduce the lifespan of the flange connection. Customers are also reporting that rolled flanges are easier to paint and also easier to Vanstone- the sharp rolled corner acts as a break in the Vanstone process. Please call us or email us for a quote.
Duct Systems & Component Parts Updated on Our Website
We recently updated our website with new information and images for our Duct Systems & Component Parts. Albina has been a distributor of component parts for dust and air handling systems since 1969. We stock angle rings, plate flanges and cut-offs at our shop to help our local contractors save time and expense as stocked parts are available for immediate shipment. Having a local distributor that you can trust and rely on means you can complete your project on time without costly delays. Non-standard component parts can be ordered or fabricated upon special request. Some non-stock items include: automatic gates, clamp together ducting, elbows, ball joints, hanger rings, handles, floor sweeps, oil mist curbs, no loss stacks and silencers.
Steel Benders & Rollers at the AIA 2014 Show
For the past several years, many benders and rollers around the country have exhibited at the AIA (American Institute of Architects) Annual Convention. This year the convention will be held in Chicago, June 26-28, 2014. The AIA show brings architects, engineers, designers and innovators together to learn about the latest and greatest in building materials and technologies. Bent and curved steel structures will be highlighted by the AISC Bender/Roller Committee. Register today at the AIA Homepage.