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Blog posts tagged with 'Parabolic Steel Bending'

What is Elliptical/Parabolic Steel Bending?
Elliptial/Parabolic steel bending occurs when the material is bent in one plane, but the radius changes throughout the arc. A radius is the line segment that joins the center of a circle with any point on the materials circumference (see Center-Line Radius). Arc is defined as the curved portion of a bend. Below are some examples of elliptical/parabolic bends. elliptical/parabolic steel bending elliptical/parabolic steel bending2
Compound / Double Plane Bending of HSS Tube Steel to AESS Quality
Completing today. Four length of HSS 12 X 6 X .375 Wall Tube Steel bent compound to approximate 70' radius in both the weak axis and the strong axis / Easy Way and Hard Way. Minimal distortion of Tube in section.