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Curved Steel Spiral Staircase at Tommy Bahama Waikiki, HI.
Albina recently bent very large HSS (Hallow Structural Steel) rectangular tubing 16" X 4" X .500" WALL A500 GR B for an elliptical staircase at the Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar at The Shops at Mauna Lani in Waikiki, Hawaii. Upon extensive review of the plans submitted to Albina for production, it was determined that some radius changes were required. Many of the original radii required were actually deemed “too tight” to bend. Original plans called for bends that were as tight as a 3’-8” Centerline Radius. To remedy this problem, Albina was able to provide suggestions and recommendations regarding the radii that we were able to successfully bend while maintaining a high level of AESS (architecturally exposed structural steel) quality. This was a unique project because the stringers, as detailed, included numerous different radii. Many stringers are designed with a single radius or just a few radii. This staircase was originally designed with such complexity that it would have been fabricated from 38 individually bent members. Albina’s suggestion to decrease the actual number of parts and instead “blend” some parts together helped simplify the bending process, and reduced the total number of full-penetration weld splices that customer would need to perform during fabrication. After much discussion, the staircase was redesigned, resulting in only 24 individual members (a 37% decrease in the number of bent parts and full penetration weld joints). These changes resulted in a quicker lead-time and a labor cost savings. After receiving the elliptical bends from Albina, the customer commented, "Albina worked with us on time frames and cost issues. Albina must roll these pieces perfectly or we can’t even attempt to get a finish product on this end. We are counting on these things being correct…period. Albina is not afraid to take the risk of rolling a radius that hasn’t been done before. I appreciate the consistent and un-prodded reports on job status and progression.” [caption id="attachment_711" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Curved Steel Staircase Tommy Bahama Curved Steel Staircase Tommy Bahama[/caption] [caption id="attachment_712" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Curved Steel Staircase Tommy Bahama Curved Steel Staircase Tommy Bahama[/caption]
What is Elliptical/Parabolic Steel Bending?
Elliptial/Parabolic steel bending occurs when the material is bent in one plane, but the radius changes throughout the arc. A radius is the line segment that joins the center of a circle with any point on the materials circumference (see Center-Line Radius). Arc is defined as the curved portion of a bend. Below are some examples of elliptical/parabolic bends. elliptical/parabolic steel bending elliptical/parabolic steel bending2