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Blog posts of '2014' 'March'

A Closer Look at the Bent Tube Steel that Creates Lighted Marquee at the Moda Center
Albina recently bent Tube Steel 5" X 3" X .375" WALL A500 GR B and Tube Steel 6" X 4" X .375" WALL A500 GR B, all bent the easy way, to create the new lighted marquee at the Moda Center. The Moda Center is the home of the NBA's Portland Trailblazers. The bent tube steel was used to create the following letters: O, A, E (2), C, D. In addition to the marquee outside, we also bent to the tube steel that provides the base to the jumbotron scoreboard that hangs above center court. bent tube steel moda center bent tube steel moda center bent tube steel trailblazer scoreboard bent tube steel trailblazers scoreboard
Bent Beams and Rolled Plate Provide Floor Supports for Custom Tree House Build
Albina bent and fabricated various structural materials to create the floor supports for a custom tree house in Sammamish, Washington. Materials used included: a) 3-1/2" Sch80 and 5" Sch80 Bare Pipe fabricated complete per drawings with brackets cap welded to ends b) 1/2", 3/4" and 3/8" Rolled Plate c) Tube Steel 8" x 4" x .250" Wall A500 GR B d) W6 x 15# A992 and W8 x 15# A992 Wide Flange rolled wide flange rolled wide flange rolled wide flange
Bent Pipe Creates Unique Signage for NBA's Moda Center
Albina Co., Inc. bent several pieces of custom pipe for the brand new marquee at the Moda Center, home of the NBA Portland Trailblazers. Installation of the marquee began on March 20th and the new lighting is targeted for next week. bending pipe for moda center In addition to the Moda Center sign, Albina has produced several custom signs created from various forms of bent steel. Some of our most noteworthy projects include: a) Eldorado Business Campus Meridian, ID. bending pipe eldorado business campus b) Happy Hallow Zoo San Diego, CA. bending pipe happy hallow zoo bending pipe happy hallow zoo bending pipe happy hallow zoo c) Curt Gowdy State Park Cheyenne, WY. tube bending curt gowdy state park
Mastering the Craft of Steel Plate Rolling
At Albina Co., Inc., we have 70 years of experience in precision plate rolling. We roll a variety of metals, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zirconium, hastelloy, copper, brass, and titanium. Our plate rolled metals are used for a variety of infrastructure and other applications, including casing cylinders, stiffeners, earthquake retrofits, concrete column wraps, transportation tunnels, bridge supports, underground waterways, and decorative structures. We fabricate plate rolled structures in thicknesses up to .75 in and diameters up to 10 ft. We supplement our plate rolling with a variety of additional services, including tube bending, HSS bending, structural steel bending, welding, end finishing, light fabrication, sandblasting, and painting. Our custom plate rolling serves many businesses, including those in the architectural, commercial construction, industrial, recreational equipment, food processing, military, heat exchanger, and transportation industries. Our work meets high industry standards set by the AISC, AESS, NOMMA, ASME, and NQA-1. plate rolling plate rolling plate rolling
The National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA) Promotes Steel as the Preferred Material for Bridges
The National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA) is a division of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). The NSBA's mission is to promote steel as the preferred material for bridge design and construction and to increase steel's share of the bridge market. Albina Co., Inc. is one of the leading structural steel fabricators for steel bridges that contain bent or curved structural members for architectural, structural or ornamental applications. The NSBA brings together the structural steel fabricators and producers with agencies and groups who have a stake in the success of steel bridge construction, including representatives from AASHTO, FHWA, state DOTs, bridge consultants, erectors, and representatives of the coatings, fastener, and welding industries. The NSBA assist with bridge design specifications and provides technical assistance and reviews throughout the drawing/specification process. The World Bridge Symposium is taking place March 26-28th in conjunction with the North American Steel Construction Show, The Annual Stability Conference, and the Technology in Steel Construction Conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.
Installation Pictures of Curved Roof Trusses for Presidio Parkway Doyle Tunnel in San Francisco, CA.
Albina Co., Inc. recently bent 64 lengths x 30 ft of Tube Steel 6” x 4” x .250” wall for some curved roof trusses for the Presidio Parkway Doyle Tunnel in San Francisco. Over 30,000# of material was bent the hard way to a 52 foot radius. curved roof trusses, bent structural steel
Bent Steel Projects Featured in the 2014 Metal Directory & Resource Guide
The 2014 Metal Directory & Resource Guide will be coming out this month and features an ad by Albina Co., Inc. highlighting various bent steel projects and applications. The Metal Directory and Resource Guide is designed to help steel industry professionals quickly and efficiently find what they need.  The Directory features over 1,600 manufacturers and suppliers of metal building and architectural projects. 2014 Metal Directory & Resource Guide