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"Meandering River Bridges" with Curved Steel Structures Highlight Phase 1 of the Newberg/Dundee Bypass in Oregon
"Meandering River Bridges" with Curved Steel Structures Highlight Phase 1 of the Newberg/Dundee Bypass in Oregon

Phase 1 of the Newberg/Dundee Bypass road in Oregon includes more than ten bridge structures, where the bypass crosses over creeks, wetlands, railroads, or travels over or under other local roads. The Corridor Theme is “Meandering River and Rolling Hills.” The theme includes an open form for bridge structures, which allows views for drivers under the structure and provides opportunities for smooth transitions into the surroundings. A “meandering river” concrete relief is stamped into the concrete railing and an ornamental “rolling hills” design is used where screening is required. That is where we come in! We rolled various tube steel to create the “rolling hills” on the bridges. We rolled: 16 lengths of tube steel 10" X 4" X .375" WALL A500 GR B (30 pcs total) bent the hard way to 15 different radii from 9 ft to 158 ft. 9 lengths of tube steel 12" X 8" X .375" WALL A500 GR B (16 pcs total) bent the hard way to 5 different radii from 28 ft to 58 ft. 19 lengths of tube steel 3" X 3" X .313" WALL A500 GR B (56 pcs total) to 26 different radii from 5 ft to 200 ft.

Curved Steel for the Newberg/Dundee Bypass Bridges

Steel Bending Complete for the LAX Midfield Satellite Concourse North Expansion
Albina has finished the steel bending for the new LAX Midfield Satellite Concourse North Project. This project was part of an estimated $1.2 billion dollar modernization program at Los Angeles International Airport. Albina partnered with Schuff Steel and we bent over 1.2 million pounds of curved HSS (Hallow Structural Steel) as well as structural steel members for the project. This project consisted of various structural shapes and sizes and resulted in 0% rework. The steel bending was done over 7 months and we were able to meet or exceed all of our customers scheduling requirements. The satellite concourse will be a remote facility initially served by an airport busing operation and a passenger access tunnel (PAX) connection to the Bradley West Terminal. The new MSC will permit greater flexibility in scheduling improvements at other facilities, reduce reliance on remote gates, and ensure a high level of service for LAX passengers. [caption id="attachment_1352" align="aligncenter" width="1311"]Bending Hallow Structural Steel For LAX Midfield Satellite Concourse North Project Bent HSS (Hallow Structural Steel) For LAX Midfield Satellite Concourse North Project[/caption]
Customer Quote of Appreciation for Steel Bending Quality
We always love to receive positive feedback from our customers when we meet or exceed their steel bending and fabrication needs. Here is a recent quote of appreciation for some curved steel we provided for a project currently being erected in Seattle, WA. "I would like to thank you and your team for your efforts on making this project a huge success. Because of your great workmanship and detail to meeting such tight tolerances, everything is fitting up in the field with no problems. In fact most everything in the field is fitting to +/- 1/8”. The erector is 85% complete with the erection and they are hanging the steel 2-3 times faster than they had anticipated with no problems. That is phenomenal. The on-site welding inspector told us that he has never seen anything fit so well with no problems in his lifetime."  
Curved Steel Construction in Seattle, WA.
There is an impressive curved steel building currently being erected in Seattle, WA. right now! For The Spheres, Albina’s scope of work included approximately 750,000# and 1.050 pieces of bent steel material consisting of TS 9" X 5" X .500" WALL A500 GR B, TS 10" X 6" X .500" WALL A500 GR B, and TS 12" X 8" X .500" WALL A500 GR B. The curved steel sections were bent the easy way and a portion bent off-axis. All material is AESS with very tight tolerances. The project consists of 8 miles of welds and 8 miles of grinding performed by the lead fabricator! The amount of welds and grinding was significant, but thanks to Albina's ability to bend portions of the project, a significant amount of welding and grinding was avoided. The bends fit to fixtures (fabrication) within 1/32nd of an inch! Almost NO correction was needed during fabrication or erection. [caption id="attachment_750" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Curved Steel Sections Curved Steel Sections[/caption] [caption id="attachment_751" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Curved Steel Sections Erected Curved Steel Sections Erected[/caption] [caption id="attachment_752" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Curved Steel Spheres Curved Steel Spheres[/caption]
Honoring the Best of the Best in Metal Architecture
This year's winners of the Metal Architecture Design Awards span the spectrum of cool and unusual projects. There are two wineries, a church, an ER and even a piece of hanging artwork at the Mall of America among the winners. Read "Honoring the Best of the Best" at Metal Architecture.
Curved Tube Steel Building Facade Part of Award Winning Project
Sustainable architecture and ecological design projects were honored at the 2014 AIA National Convention in late June. Albina Co., Inc. was the bender/roller for the exterior curved tube steel on the facade of the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building in Portland, Oregon. Albina rolled 155,000# of Tube Steel 10" X 10" X .375" WALL A500 GR B rolled to a 34’ 0” outside radius and Tube Steel 10" X 10" X .625" WALL A500 GR B. rolled to a 34’ 0” outside radius. To maximize the highest level of quality on these bends and minimize distortion (concavity and crush), Albina used our in-house designed internal support system for rolling. This internal support essentially turned the hollow section into a solid section resulting in the highest level of bend quality. The members we rolled were supports for the fascia of the building. curved steel entry way edith green-wendell wyatt building pdx curved steel entry way edith green-wendell wyatt building pdx3 curved steel entry way edith green-wendell wyatt building pdx2
Bent Wide Flange for School Construction Projects
School construction this time of year is always very busy. Albina has been fortunate to work on a number of national school projects. These projects consist of anything from improvements on existing schools to new construction. We were recently awarded the contract for bending all of the wide flange for the Pueblo West High School out of Pueblo, Colorado. This project includes 27,000# of wide flange all being bent the easy way by Albina, material consisting of W12 x 26#, W12 x 335#, W14 x 34# and W24 x 76#. When contractors and fabricators require bending for school projects they know to come to the best in the industry- Albina Co., Inc.
New Trends in Metal Architecture
In this months edition of Metal Architecture, Editorial Director, Paul Deffenbaugh discusses the various ways in which the use of metal in architectural design is becoming more prevalent and influential. Of the various topics he addresses, he claims that metal allows for more flexibility in design because of weight, color, versatility, performance, sustainability and aesthetic appeal.
2014 IDEAS2 Award Winning Projects Featured in May Issue of Modern Steel
The online version of the May issue of Modern Steel is now available. There is a feature article on the 2014 IDEAS2 (Innovative Design in Engineering and Architecture with Structural Steel) Award winning projects. Albina Co., Inc. was the bender/roller on two of the award winning projects: Newport Beach Civic Center and Park, Newport Beach, California and San Diego Library Dome San Diego, California. Click on the latest issue of Modern Steel for more information.
Bent Steel Projects Featured in the 2014 Metal Directory & Resource Guide
The 2014 Metal Directory & Resource Guide will be coming out this month and features an ad by Albina Co., Inc. highlighting various bent steel projects and applications. The Metal Directory and Resource Guide is designed to help steel industry professionals quickly and efficiently find what they need.  The Directory features over 1,600 manufacturers and suppliers of metal building and architectural projects. 2014 Metal Directory & Resource Guide