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Blog posts of '2013' 'October'

Albina Co., Inc. Shipping Department Exceeds Customer Expectations
Don't let distance be a deterrent. Albina Co., Inc. ships all over North America and has the expertise to combine your shipment of bent steel products with other goods to minimize freight costs. Here is a recent quote from one of our best customers: "Jason, I want to let you know that your shipping information and data you give is excellent, I know sometimes no news from your customer is good news, but I want to say thank you for being a good supplier to Stanley." Matthew-Senior Buyer at Stanley Infrastructure Solutions - Hydraulic Tools Call us today! We can handle all of your metal processing needs.
Albina Pipe Bending Co., Inc. to Re-Brand Itself with New Name
Dear Valued Customers and Vendors, As a valued customer or vendor of Albina Pipe Bending Co., Inc., I am writing to inform you that we are re-branding ourselves and will be transitioning and operating under the new business name of Albina Co., Inc. effective immediately. The name “Albina Pipe Bending Co., Inc.” was chosen in 1939 when our business began in the historic “Albina District” of Portland, OR. At that time, we specialized in round pipe and tube applications and had limited capabilities with regards to metal processing. Over the last 7 decades we have mastered the craft of bending, forming, rolling and fabricating metal. We can produce virtually any metal component that needs to bend or curve. Albina has an impeccable reputation in the steel bending and fabrication industries for producing difficult and unusual parts. The selection of a new brand for Albina Pipe Bending Co., Inc. has taken a great deal of planning, extensive research and feedback from customers, and it is considered that the new name of Albina Co., Inc. best represents the company’s activities and products. As part of our 2014 planning, we have decided that the phrase “Pipe Bending” is somewhat restrictive when describing what we do for customers. In an effort to accurately portray our capacities and capabilities, we feel that retaining the primary name of “Albina” in addition to continuing to educate and inform our customers about the range of products and services we can offer, is the best decision to demonstrate the breadth and depth of our company. Over the course of the remainder of the year, we will be transitioning our website and email addresses to the new company name. However, our old email addresses will automatically redirect to our new ones as well as will automatically be redirected to the new site In the meantime, I would like to assure you that it is “business as usual” from our perspective, and that our re-branding to the Albina Co., Inc. name will in no way affect the quality of product or service which you have come to expect from Albina Pipe Bending Co., Inc. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Best Regards, Brian Smith President
Forecast for Building Construction in 2014
John Cross, Vice President of the AISC talks "Construction Cycles" in the October 2013 Modern Steel Issue.
Albina is the "Go To" Bender and Roller of Choice for Many Fabricators
We recently received some feedback from a customer about the quality of not only our bending and forming capabilities, but our great customer service as well. "Your company has become our “go to” for steel bending and forming. This doesn’t happen without the professionalism and dedication of the entire company, from the person who unlocks the door in the morning to the person who ties down the load at night." Curtis at Progressive Steel
Albina Provides Rolled Steel Canopy and Exceptional Customer Service for St. Jude's Hospital
Albina and Cundiff Steel Fabricating & Erecting provided 36,000# of TS 16" x 8" x .375" wall, TS 16" x 8" x .500" wall, TS 10" x 8" x .250" wall, and TS 16" x 16" x .375" wall all AESS for a canopy at St. Jude's Hospital. Cundiff Steel had the following comments about working with Albina: " I want to thank you guys for sticking with us on this project. It drug on for a long time and Aaron rebid it several times as we went through headache after headache with the engineers. I feel he went above and beyond to help us get this project on track. It took a lot of correspondence back & forth to get everything dialed in & Aaron was very helpful through all of it. The lead time from finally getting you approved drawings to us receiving the material was much less than we expected. Also, I appreciate the time Aaron took when I visited to show me the material and provide a tour of the facility to see how it all works. Thanks again for the great service." CHARLIE PISCOPO, V.P. Operations Mngr, Cundiff Steel Fabricating & Erecting stjude 002.