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Blog posts of '2013' 'January'

Material Reference Library Contains Specification and Conversion Charts
Albina Pipe Bending's Tech Tool Box is full of information to assist you with all of your pipe, tube and steel bending questions.  If you have suggestions for additional information that you would like to see posted on our site, please contact us and let us know!
Metric to Pipe Conversion Chart
A conversion tool from milimeters to inches.

Pipe/Tubing Guages Equivalents
A conversion chart from standard guages to decimal equivalents.

Weights & Dimensions of Seamless and Welded Pipe
Summarized data for all commonly produced pipe sizes (weights and thicknesses, etc.).

Weights & Dimensions of Aluminum Tubing, Pipe and Shapes
Summarized data for Aluminum Tubing, Pipe and Shapes (weights and thicknesses, etc.).

Weights & Dimensions of Carbon Tubing, Pipe & Shapes
Summarized data for Carbon Tubing, Pipe and Shapes (weights and thicknesses, etc.).

Stainless Steel Pipe Specifications
A summarized reference sheet for Stainless Steel Alloys.

Aluminum Alloy Reference Guide
A summarized reference guide for Aluminum Alloys and Tempers.
Live Chat Available on Albina Pipe Bending's Website
Albina Pipe Bending Co., Inc. is now offering "Live Chat" on their website.  Want to know if we can meet your steel bending needs? Just ask! We have an operator standing by 7:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. PST M-F to answer any and all questions. 

Albina Pipe Bending aims to give their customers the best customer service experience possible.  The addition of the online chat function allows users to receive instant feedback from a knowledgable industry professional.  It is a great tool for users to ask additional questions about information that they see presented on Albina's website or to request a quote for a job that has a bent steel application. 

We are standing by to take your call! We would love to Chat with you!
Albina In Search of Production Manager
With more than 7 decades of experience Albina Pipe Bending is known for creating quality bent and fabricated products that make the most of the latest technologies in the field. Our reputation continually proves our ability to offer products and services that stand out from the competition. We are currently seeking a Production Manager to lead us into the next stage of growth.
Scope of Responsibility: (Summary of Job Duties)
Plans, organizes, and directs the activities of all production workers. Assist COO with developing, updating and implementing efficient and safe operating procedures for all production activities. Ensures procedures for production, shipping, receiving, housekeeping and storing of materials are being followed. Supervise a crew of workers and various job functions.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
Must be experienced working with computers. Have the ability to learn, navigate and use designated software programs as required to perform job functions. Must be able to work effectively in a multi-tasking work environment and prioritize workload. Must be able to work independently with minimum supervision and have the ability to interact positively with others. Must have the ability to effectively supervise others.
Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) from a four-year college or university in Management, Operations, Business Administration, engineering or other related field; three to five years Production Management experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Metal Shop or Fabrication experience helpful but not required.
Working Conditions:
Work is normally performed in a production setting. During cold weather temperature can drop to freezing. May require sitting or standing for long periods of time, ability to walk on uneven surfaces & up stairs, use of hands for grasping, gripping, writing and typing.
Tualatin, Oregon

3-5 Years Production Management

Education Level:
4-yr. college degree or 3 additional years of applicable experience

Basic Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Maximize Production Efficiency
  • Perform Supervisory responsiblities in accordance with company policies and applicable laws.
  • Assign duties and responsibilities to show workers and review work for accuracey, neatness, timeliness and conformance to policy and proceedures.
  • Work with COO to develop, implement and maintain some shop performance measures, backlog and scheduling problems, as well as OT are daily issues.
  • Manage all workflow throughout the shop and ensure that all jobs are progressing as efficiently as possible. Identify problems before they occur and implement solution to avoid wasted time and money.
  • Manage all shop floor paperwork.
  • Communicate with QA Manager to report quality problems, status updates, task completion, etc.
  • Lock/Unlock the Shop and Arm/Disarm Alarm as Required
  • Responsible for overall Organization, Cleanliness and work cell structure in the shop.
Albina's Involvement in Tunnel Shoring Projects
Albina provides bent and curved steel components to assist with infrastructure improvements all over the US and Canada. These projects are critical to strengthening and/or improving our tunnels (pedestrian, auto/train, utilities, etc), mines, bridges, roads, water wells, concrete support columns, etc. Albina provides bent steel components to various fabricators and end users to meet the requirements for their numerous applications / needs- most of these projects are critical in nature and partially or fully supported with federal stimulus funds. Some products Albina produces includes:
  • Casing Cylinders
  • Rolled Plate Cylinders
  • Stiffeners
  • Curved Plate Sections for Earthquake Retrofits
  • Concrete Column Wraps
  • Tunnel Shoring Applications
  • Tunnel Supports
  • Tunnel Framework/Skeleton
  • Column and Bridge Supports
  • Cones
  • Other Plate Formed Sections
Spiral Bending of Structural Steel is a Booming Market
Why Choose Albina as your Spiral Bender?
  • Albina doesn’t split HSS prior to bending and then weld the sections back together to meet your needs, our HSS members are bent as HSS members.
  • Albina doesn’t fill your HSS with other structural members. We are able to bend HSS members without adding extra material and weight and are still able to meet or exceed your quality requirements.
  • Albina will bend your HSS stringers out of HSS material, we don’t make "built up stringers" out of plate.
Recently Completed or Active Projects:
  • Spiral bent some ½" X 12" A36 Plate down to a very tight 1’ 9” Inside Radius.  The bend was so complex that the customer didn’t think it was possible to spiral bend the material.  In fact, the customer thought we had rolled cylinders and laser cut out the spiral sections.
  • Just received another difficult Spiral bending project for some ½" X 14" A36 Plate.  All material is to be bent to AESS standards, down to a 5’ 0” inside radius.
  • Just spiral bent a project including stringers, handrails and mid-rails complete.  The stringers were spiral bent out of C15 x 40# down to a very tight 5’ 2” plan diameter.
  • Albina just finished another staircase project consisting of stringers and railing.  The stringers were bent out of MC12 x 10.6# channel and bent to a 78” plan view radius.
  • We were recently awarded a project to spiral bend TS 14" X 14" X .500" WALL A500 GR B material.  Project is located in the Mid-West and is all AESS quality standards (bent down to a 22 ft. radius).