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Blog posts tagged with 'Stiffeners'

Bent Steel Tunnel Supports for an Arizona Customer
Albina can SUPPORT all of your steel bending needs. We were recently awarded a project to provide tunnel supports for a customer out of Arizona. We are processing 40,000# of bent steel tunnel supports for this particular opportunity. The project is being bent out of 60 ft lengths of wide flange W...
Bending Bulb Flat Material
Albina Co., Inc. is an industry leader in bending bulb flat material. Albina has been a supplier of bent bulb flat material for ship and barge building applications for the past 3 decades. With the ability to bend bulb stem in and bulb stem out, Albina can take care of any of your stiffener needs ...
Albina's Involvement in Tunnel Shoring Projects
Albina provides bent and curved steel components to assist with infrastructure improvements all over the US and Canada. These projects are critical to strengthening and/or improving our tunnels (pedestrian, auto/train, utilities, etc), mines, bridges, roads, water wells, concrete support columns, et...