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Blog posts of '2016' 'May'

Tube Steel Spiral Stringers Provide Support for Heavy Weight Bearing Spiral Staircase
Albina recently bent tube steel 20” x 8” x .625” wall which will provide the base supports for a heavy weight bearing spiral staircase.  The tube steel was spiral bent the easy way using our induction heat source and increment bend method. The tube steel was bent down to a 7’ 7” center line (plan vi...
Excellence in Curved Steel
Albina has done it again! Another example of the quality in workmanship we provide and another satisfied customer! "Albina is our preferred vendor for all things heavy requiring rolling and or forming. Rest assured, I have nothing but admiration for Albina’s ability and workmanship, QC, QA, and ...
Curved Steel Wide Flange Bent to an Extremely Tight Radius
We have done it again! Albina continues to "Bend the Rules" of the steel bending process to continue to provide bends that are extremely difficult to our customer base. Albina recently rolled wide flange W8x24# the hardway to a 4 foot inside radius to AESS standards! This is an extremely tight rad...