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Blog posts tagged with 'manufacturing'

Bent Steel & Aluminum Parts Span Many Industries
Bent Steel & Aluminum Parts Span Many Industries

Our bent steel can be seen on various applications in the auto, marine, aviation, locomotive, agricultural and food processing sectors. Our bends are used on locomotive frames, boat frames, agricultural equipment, automobiles, aircraft, deck rails and we even bend components for homeland security ...

Going Above and Beyond to Meet Our Customers Needs
Albina is not only known for bending large structural members, but we service a wide range of manufacturing companies. We have consistently bent hydraulic lines for a local manufacturing company in Portland Oregon. We will bend 100’s of parts at a time on our CNC equipment. A recent production ru...
Shipping Yard Packed with Curved Steel Projects
Summer months in the steel bending industry always present very fun and interesting curved steel projects from various manufacturing and structural customers alike. Our shipping yard is filled with various small material, mass production runs for our customers in the manufacturing industry. [capt...
"New-Shoring" Trend Boosts US Manufacturing Market
Unlike "reshoring" — which implies bringing jobs back to the United States that had previously left — many small businesses are "new-shoring" their products, which means starting from scratch right here in the States. Rich Thomas wrote an article titled "Why ‘New-Shoring’ Is the New School of Manufa...