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Oregon State University Student Experience Center Canopy

The bending portion of this project required very large HSS rectangular tubing to be bent consistently from piece to piece with little to no deformation. Albina bent 8 lengths of TS 20” x 12” x .500” wall A500 Gr. B, all over 70 ft long. Albina also bent 44 lengths x 60 ft and 23 lengths x 25 ft of TS 6” x 3” x .313” wall A500 Gr. B, this material was “double bent” the easy-way and the hard-way. Fought & Co., a structural steel fabrication shop located in Tigard Oregon, teamed up with Albina to successfully produce the required canopy. Albina was tasked with the steel bending while Fought was tasked with the fabrication. Albina recently published an article in Metal Architectural (click here to read) highlighting the Student Experience Center Curved Steel Canopy project. curved steel canopy at student experience center OSU-1
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