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Curved Steel Wide Flange for the UC Health Highlands Ranch Hospital

Albina recently worked with a loyal customer out of Colorado on the UC Health Highlands Ranch Hospital. The new 85,000 square foot hospital is being built as a proactive approach to the projected 25%+ population increase by 2025 for this growing area of Colorado. Albina needed to bend and ship 40,000# of bent steel to meet a critical project schedule. Albina was able to finish and ship the project days before the required date, once again exceeding customer expectations! The materials on this project consisted of: W12 X 26# A992 W12 X 14# A992 W16 X 36# A992 W14 X 22# A992 W14 X 30# A992 W16 X 26# A992 W18 X 40# A992 W18 X 35# A992 All bent the Hard way!
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