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What Information Do We Need to Quote a Job Specifying Bent Steel Parts

The quick and easy way to find out what we require when quoting a project specifying bent steel parts is to visit our online Steel Bending and Fabrication Request for Quote form on our website. Below is a summary of the information that we need to accurately and efficiently quote your job: a) Company Name, Address and Phone Number b) Primary Contact Name and Email Address c) Description of your project d) What is you Bid Deadline? e) Material Type & Size f) Material Quantity g) Provide any supplemental drawing or attachments that will help us bid the job. Give us the chance to quote your next job that specifies bent steel parts! We are a dependable supplier! Not only can you count on parts arriving on time, but the level of customer service and quality of parts that we provide will exceed your expectations. We value the relationships that we have with our customers.
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