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Did You Know That Albina Co., Inc. is the Largest Distributor of Angle Flanges West of the Rocky Mountains?
We have thousands of angle flanges in stock as well as numerous other component parts for your duct collection and air handling systems. If you need angle flanges or angle rings for a project, Albina Co., Inc. is your source. We can supply you with carbon flanges as well as stainless flange. We stock 3” – 72” diameter rings in carbon steel and can get you any special order items you might have (larger rings, odd size material, no holes, etc). We even have a small stock of stainless flanges that are the most common sizes we sell, we can also bring in any size stainless flange you may require (that we don’t have in stock). Connect with Albina! We can provide you with all of your angle flange connection needs!
Elbows Still Available! New Supplier and Better Rate
As you know, Albina has had some changes with our suppliers regarding the elbows we supply. Many of our customers have expressed interest in the old K&B style elbows that were discontinued when K&B closed this segment of their operations. Albina is excited to announce we have found a supplier that provides the old K&B elbows at a much better rate than we were previously charging. These elbows will still ship direct from the factory, and will be delivered with the same level of quality you have grown accustomed to. We strongly urge you to log onto our website and review the updated pricing at We are confident you will be pleased with the savings. If you are not currently set up with a username and password, please let know and he will set one up for you. Albina appreciates your business and we look forward to servicing your needs.