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How Much Stress Is Put on the Material When You Bend It?
How Much Stress Is Put on the Material When You Bend It?

Common questions we receive from customers have to do with the stresses put on materials during the rolling, curving, forming, and bending processes. 

  1. What stresses are put on the materials during the curving process?
  2. What is the stress, strain on the steel being bent or curved?
  3. Is the material weakened from the stress, strain during the curving process?
  4. Is there a stress, strain diagram for curved or bent steel?
  5. Is there a stress vs strain graph for curved or bent steel?

The easiest way to answer these questions is to reference the AISC Curved Member Design Guide #33.

See Section 5.2 “Material Properties”

Cold bending involves inelastic straining of the member, which affects the material properties. These changes are primarily attributed to strain hardening and strain aging, which increases the yield stress, ultimate stress and hardness, and decreases the ductility and toughness. For curved members in buildings, the strains induced during the cold-bending process rarely exceed the potential strains induced in the manufacturing process of straight members.

Partnership Health Plan of California Construction Project Required Bent Rectangular Tube Steel
Recently a customer approached us with a very difficult steel bending project and wanted to know if Albina Co., Inc. was able to perform the difficult bends. The steel bends were for the Partnership Health Plan of California construction project. Partnership HealthPlan of California has outgrown its current home and will add a new 104,000-square-foot office building that will sit next to its current headquarters on Business Center Drive. This project consisted of primarily HSS Rectangular Tubing. The largest tube measures 20” x 8” x .375” wall and the smallest measures 8” x 4” x .500” wall. Some of the lengths were bent the easy way while other lengths were bent the hard way. Utilizing our in-house developed internal support system we roll bent all of the HSS material without any heat and exceeded all of our customers quality requirements.