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Curved Steel Boardwalk at Evelyn Schiffler Memorial Park
Curved Steel Boardwalk at Evelyn Schiffler Memorial Park

Albina bent some channel for a boardwalk at the Evelyn Schiffler Memorial Park in Beaverton, OR. In the very center of the park, a 2.4-acre wetland attracts native wildlife. It can be appreciated from two long stretches of boardwalk consisting of:
7,600# (18 lengths x 40 ft) of bent C6 X 10.5# A36
All parts were bent the hard way to AESS standards.
110 ft minimum bent to a 296 ft radius
176 ft minimum bent to a 213 ft radius
160 ft minimum bent to a 206 ft radius
121 ft minimum bent to a 303 ft radius
All Material Bent by Albina Co., Inc. Customer fit and fabricated.

Curved Steel Helps Create Unique Entry for the Eli Lilly San Diego Biotech Research Center in La Jolla, CA.
Curved Steel Helps Create Unique Entry for the Eli Lilly San Diego Biotech Research Center in La Jolla, CA.

Albina provided 109,000# of bent steel for the Eli Lilly San Diego Biotech Center in La Jolla, CA. Eli Lilly doubled the size of its research facility to 300,000 square feet during this project. Materials included: 8″ X 8″ X 5/8″ ANGLE A36- half of the parts rolled leg in and half of the parts rolled leg out. Tube Steel 8″ X 8″ X .500″ WALL A500 GR B 8 5/8″ OD X .625″ WALL A500B Wide Flange W16 X 57# A992- Split into WT8 and rolled some parts stem in and rolled some parts stem out. Wide Flange W24 X 103# A992- DOUBLE split to a finished height of 8¼” tall. Albina then rolled some parts stem in and other stem out.

AISC White Paper "More Than Recycled Content, The Sustainable Characteristics of Structural Steel"
As part of AISC's (American Institute of Steel Construction) mission to make sure that architects and developers have accurate and factual information regarding the design and construction of buildings and bridges, they have created a series of white papers exploring various issues related to specifying steel as the primary building material on projects. The first one that I would like to highlight is "More Than Recycled Content, The Sustainable Characteristics of Structural Steel" which focuses primary on the fact that domestically produced and fabricated structural steel used for structural framing systems has an average recycled content of 93%. This white paper also addresses important environmental issues such as reuse, resiliency, water consumption, waste generation, energy consumption and more. Visit AISC for more detailed information and a link to read the full white paper. We also address many of these same issues on our own website in "Facts About Curved Steel." and in our "Top 10 Reasons to Specify Structural Steel."
Meet Brian and Jaime Smith of Albina Co., Inc.-"Is Your Business Honorable? Do You Take Pride in the Service and Product That You Provide?"
Albina's number one goal is to provide customers with competitively priced steel bending services resulting in quality products, on time. We honor our commitment to this goal by continuously fulfilling our obligations and meeting our customers needs. We have a very high regard and respect for our customers, vendors and employees and we hold many of them in very high esteem as if they were a part of our own family. We are proud of the many partnerships and relationships that we have built over the years. The reason we have such longstanding relationships in the steel bending industry, is not only because we have been around for nearly 80 years, but because of the pride that we take in the quality of our work and the service that we provide on each and every job. We feel satisfied only when the commitments we have made to our partners are fulfilled. Pride is not only reflected by our team putting our hearts and souls into your end product, but can also be seen in our many efforts to improve our working environment and the community around us. a) Albina Co., Inc. donates to many local and national Charitable Organizations including CONSANO, Meals on Wheels PDX, The Hunger Drive, Assistance League of Greater Portland, Sherwood Education Foundation, Local Sports Teams, etc. b) We purchase steel from service centers in the USA. Our bent steel products are "Made In The USA" out of our facility in Oregon. c) We have taken many steps to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing our power usage. In the last 12 months we have undergone significant capital expense to "do our part" by installing a 134.4 kW solar array and we replaced every interior and exterior lighting fixture / bulb with LED replacements. d) Recent Upgrades to our phone systems and internal camera systems to increase our ability to communicate, track and share real time data seamlessly within our shop and externally with customers and vendors. e) We have made huge efforts over the last few years to bring in new equipment, service/update older equipment, and we have actually designed and built our very own, one-of-a-kind, CNC induction bending process. It is small companies like ours that will make American great again because we run an honorable business and we take pride in our work. We are all learning, that in this very difficult and scary time in our world, that it is the little things that matter and it is the intangibles that help determine who, what, when, where and why you should do business with someone. [caption id="attachment_1240" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Brian and Jaime Smith- Happy 4th of July! Happy 4th of July! We like to spend America's Birthday with family and friends. We have spent many 4th of July weekends at the beautiful Oregon Coast, in the Central Oregon high desert, or just hanging around the neighborhood having BBQ's and enjoying the amazing Oregon summers. We wish you all a happy and safe 4th of July! [/caption]
Experience the Steel Bending Process Like You Have Never Seen Before
The steel bending world, and life, is 360 degrees - now technology is too. We will be offering a drawing for a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Smart Phone and GearVR (virtual reality) googles next week when we exhibit at the NASCC (North American Steel Construction Conference) in San Antonio. Visit our BOOTH #8130 and see for yourself how awesome this new technology is and step into our virtual shop to experience the bending process first hand. One lucky winner will win a new phone and the virtual reality googles! Don't miss out on this opportunity. Sign up today!
NASCC: The Steel Conference in Nashville, TN
The NASCC (North American Steel Conference) is set to take place in Nashville, TN March 25th-27th this year. The NASCC (North American Steel Conference) is the premier place for engineers, fabricators, detailers and erectors to learn about structural steel design and construction, to interact with their peers and to see the latest products for steel buildings and bridges. Various technical and educational sessions are offered for attendees in addition to the extensive trade show. Sign up today at
Steel Day 2014 Interact. Learn. Build
Steel Day is scheduled to take place on September 19, 2014. Steel Day is an annual event sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and hosted at various member and partner locations throughout the country. Steel Day is an opportunity for professionals from various industries to learn about the benefits of using structural steel in everyday applications. Steel day is an excellent educational opportunity as well as a networking opportunity to meet people and tour facilities that play a key role in the steel industry. Visit the AISC Website for more information about events in your local area.
High Demand for Bent Steel Parts in the Hi-Tech Industry
Albina Co., Inc. has recently been awarded the bending for a hi-tech data storage facility. Albina did a great deal of steel bends for a previous data storage facility completed in 2012. The most recent data storage facility is scheduled for completion next month. The bending for the recent data storage facility amounts to almost 150,000# of structural steel and HSS. The bending for this project is very difficult and certainly needs to be processed by a bending expert. The first project came to Albina as our customer had 100% confidence in our abilities to perform as promised. With the first project being a smashing success for our customer we were awarded the bending for the second (and larger) Data Center. Materials on this project consist of the following: TS 8” x 4” x .375” wall rolled the Hard-Way to a very tight 11’ 2½” outside radius. Tolerances for these parts are critical and are being checked to a full scale layout. W14 X 26# A992 being split to W7 x 13# and also rolled to an 11’ 2½” outside radius. W12 X 22# A992 being split to W6 x 11# and rolled to a matching 11’ 2½” outside radius. This is a fast track project. Our valued customer came to us with tight schedule requirements. Albina has committed to working day and night shifts (including weekends) to help expedite the project and meet our customer’s needs. When dealing with Albina anything is seemingly possible!
Twelve Innovative Structural Steel Building Projects Earn National Awards
Press Release by Tasha Weiss, Public Relations Specialist at the (AISC) American Institute of Steel Construction. 2014 IDEAS2 Award winners press release
Bent Structural Steel Provides Curved Roof Trusses for New Denver International Airport Hotel
Albina recently bent 38,000# of 45 foot lengths of W14 x 99# A992 structural steel the hard way to a 31'-3 5/8" inside radius. Albina also bent 10,000# of 40 foot lengths of W21 x 62# A992 structural steel the hard way to a 81'-1-3/4" outside radius. Finally, Albina bent 22,000# of 50 foot lengths of W21 x 44# A992 structural steel the hard way to a 81'-1-3/4" outside radius. Albina has been involved in many airport renovations. We specialize in curved roof trusses, canopies and entry-ways. We also provide handrail kits and spiral staircases.