High Demand for Bent Steel Parts in the Hi-Tech Industry

Albina Co., Inc. has recently been awarded the bending for a hi-tech data storage facility. Albina did a great deal of steel bends for a previous data storage facility completed in 2012. The most recent data storage facility is scheduled for completion next month.

The bending for the recent data storage facility amounts to almost 150,000# of structural steel and HSS. The bending for this project is very difficult and certainly needs to be processed by a bending expert. The first project came to Albina as our customer had 100% confidence in our abilities to perform as promised. With the first project being a smashing success for our customer we were awarded the bending for the second (and larger) Data Center.

Materials on this project consist of the following:

TS 8” x 4” x .375” wall rolled the Hard-Way to a very tight 11’ 2½” outside radius. Tolerances for these parts are critical and are being checked to a full scale layout.

W14 X 26# A992 being split to W7 x 13# and also rolled to an 11’ 2½” outside radius.

W12 X 22# A992 being split to W6 x 11# and rolled to a matching 11’ 2½” outside radius.

This is a fast track project. Our valued customer came to us with tight schedule requirements. Albina has committed to working day and night shifts (including weekends) to help expedite the project and meet our customer’s needs.

When dealing with Albina anything is seemingly possible!

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