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Blog posts tagged with 'Bending Wide Flange'

Bending BIG Beams for the Murray Amphitheater in Murray, Utah
Got big beams to bend? Look no further than Albina Co., Inc.! We are just finishing up a beam bending project for the Murray Amphitheater in Murray, Utah. Murray Arts in the Park provides a summer full of artistic entertainment. The evening subscription series usually opens in late May and runs through Labor Day in the Murray Park amphitheater. This project consists of 55,000# of bent wide flange the hard way. All wide flange beams were bent to a radius that is tighter than 100 ft. The list of beams consist of: W24 X 76# A992 W30 X 108# A992 W36 X 135# A992 W36 X 170# A992 Albina will not shy away from any work (within our capacity) because it might be difficult to bend. We thrive on the difficult projects that others can’t do! Stay tuned for final installation pictures.
Bent Steel Tunnel Supports for an Arizona Customer
Albina can SUPPORT all of your steel bending needs. We were recently awarded a project to provide tunnel supports for a customer out of Arizona. We are processing 40,000# of bent steel tunnel supports for this particular opportunity. The project is being bent out of 60 ft lengths of wide flange W8 X 67# A992. We are providing AESS quality bends for all 45 pieces we are supplying. Each bend is to an 11’ radius the hard way. If you need a steel bending company to SUPPORT your needs, look no further than Albina!
Customer Needed Steel Bent on a Short Lead Time and Here’s How We Handled It
A loyal customer recently came to us with a scheduling problem. They needed 60,000# of structural steel and pipe bent in a very short period of time. Yes, our shop is very busy right now, but we needed to figure out a way to get this material bent and ready to ship. We modified our schedule, worked extra shifts and long days to meet the requirements for this job. We also procured the material for the project so our customer didn’t have to worry about finding the material. All 28 lengths were bent to various configurations each length varied from 20 ft long to 60 ft long. The largest structural member processed for this job was W18 X 106# A992 bent the hard way to a 150 ft radius. All materials were bent to AESS standards for the Mountain Park Church located in Arizona.
Curved Steel Beams for the Juneau, Alaska Seawalk
Some would think that a 24” tall beam weighing 84# per ft would be a big chunk of steel. One might even ask if it is possible to bend such a large section of steel. The answer would be to contact Albina. We are experts in bending the very small and the very large….you name it and we will bend it. Yes W24x84# beam is a large chunk of steel, but certainly not too large for the experts at Albina. A loyal customer out of Deer Park, Washington contacted us to bend this material the easy way down to a very tight 42 ft radius. After bending the 25,000# of steel, our customer is fabricating the sections and will eventually ship to Alaska for the new Juneau Seawalk. [caption id="attachment_898" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Wide Flange W24 X 84# A992 Bent to 42 ft. radius Wide Flange Bent the easy way down to a 42 ft radius.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_899" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Wide Flange W24 X 84# A992 Wide Flange W24 X 84# A992[/caption]
Curved Steel Wide Flange Bent to an Extremely Tight Radius
We have done it again! Albina continues to "Bend the Rules" of the steel bending process to continue to provide bends that are extremely difficult to our customer base. Albina recently rolled wide flange W8x24# the hardway to a 4 foot inside radius to AESS standards! This is an extremely tight radius to bend to and our operators bent it to perfection! [caption id="attachment_865" align="aligncenter" width="300"]W8x24# Rolled the Hardway to a 4 ft Inside Radius W8x24# Rolled the Hardway to a 4 ft Inside Radius[/caption] [caption id="attachment_866" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Curved Steel Wide Flange Bent to Extremely Tight Radius Curved Steel Wide Flange Bent to Extremely Tight Radius[/caption]
Curved Steel Beams Provide Structural Support for Elevated Track
Track season is in full swing and did you know that our curved steel members are used to create many of the elevated tracks that reside in recreational facilities and fitness centers around the country? Albina Co., Inc. bent several pieces of large wide flange W33 x 169# that provided the curved structural supports for the elevated track frame for the Fitness Center at Eielson Airforce Base. [caption id="attachment_850" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Curved Steel Wide Flange for Elevated Track Curved Steel Wide Flange[/caption] [caption id="attachment_851" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Curved Steel Wide Flange for Elevated Track Curved Steel Wide Flange for Elevated Track[/caption]
Albina Co., Inc. Bends Curved Steel Roof Trusses for Residential Construction
Are you looking to build a new home or do a remodel to make your home stand out from the rest?  Think about using curved steel beams to give your roof line a unique, eye catching look.  Not to mention, the structural integrity of the curved steel beams is unparalleled when compared to other building materials. Albina Co., Inc, recently completed a project for a personal residence in California that involved splitting wide flange W12 X 30# A992 into WT6 X 15# and rolling stem in to a 75 ft radius. Albina also rolled tube steel TS 10" X 6" X .500" WALL A500 GR B the hardway to a 75 ft radius and wide flange W10 X 30# A992 the hardway to a 75 ft radius to create the curved roof trusses. [caption id="attachment_702" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Curved Steel Roof Trusses for Residential Construction Curved Steel Roof Trusses for Residential Construction[/caption] [caption id="attachment_701" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Curved Steel Roof Trusses for Residential Construction Curved Steel Roof Trusses for Residence in California[/caption]
Bent Steel Beams for Custom Treehouse
Here is an update on the bent structural materials used to create a custom treehouse. Albina bent and fabricated various structural materials to create the floor supports and decking for a custom tree house in Sammamish, Washington. Materials used included: a) 3-1/2″ Sch80 and 5″ Sch80 Bare Pipe fabricated complete per drawings with brackets cap welded to ends b) 1/2″, 3/4″ and 3/8″ Rolled Plate c) Tube Steel 8″ x 4″ x .250″ Wall A500 GR B d) W6 x 15# A992 and W8 x 15# A992 Wide Flange bent steel i beam for custom treehouse1 bent steel i beam for custom treehouse2 bent steel i beam for custom treehouse3
Curved Steel Earns Happy Hallow Pedestrian Bridge Project Award of Merit
Engineering News Record: California awarded the Happy Hallow Pedestrian Bridge in San Jose, CA. an Award of Merit in the small projects category. Completed in March 2012, the bridge is the first of its kind in Northern California and consists of twin 270-ft identical spans. These were constructed using only two rolled sections for the arch ribs and for the tie girders and cross bracing. Albina Co., Inc. rolled 140,000# of W14 x 109# A709 50W the Easy Way to a 225 ft. radius and 90,000# of WT9 x 38# A709 50W split from W18 x 76# and then bent to various radii. A single cable size (3/4 in. dia) was used for both spans. curved steel pedestrian bridge happy hallow zoo
Bent Wide Flange for School Construction Projects
School construction this time of year is always very busy. Albina has been fortunate to work on a number of national school projects. These projects consist of anything from improvements on existing schools to new construction. We were recently awarded the contract for bending all of the wide flange for the Pueblo West High School out of Pueblo, Colorado. This project includes 27,000# of wide flange all being bent the easy way by Albina, material consisting of W12 x 26#, W12 x 335#, W14 x 34# and W24 x 76#. When contractors and fabricators require bending for school projects they know to come to the best in the industry- Albina Co., Inc.