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Blog posts tagged with 'Bending Wide Flange'

Bent Beams and Rolled Plate Provide Floor Supports for Custom Tree House Build
Albina bent and fabricated various structural materials to create the floor supports for a custom tree house in Sammamish, Washington. Materials used included: a) 3-1/2" Sch80 and 5" Sch80 Bare Pipe fabricated complete per drawings with brackets cap welded to ends b) 1/2", 3/4" and 3/8" Rolled Plate c) Tube Steel 8" x 4" x .250" Wall A500 GR B d) W6 x 15# A992 and W8 x 15# A992 Wide Flange rolled wide flange rolled wide flange rolled wide flange
Bent Steel for the University of Alaska Anchorage Sports Arena
Albina is bending 550,000# of W14 x 159#, W14 x 120# and W24 x 94# the Hard-Way for the new University of Alaska Anchorage Sports Arena.

Bending Wide Flange the Hard Way
We are currently bending 208,440# of W14 and W16 wide flange the hard way to various configurations. All material is shipping via. dedicated flatbed to Arizona.

Grand Opening of the Dale Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum Seattle, WA.
Albina Pipe Bending provided 90,000#'s of W18 x 106# Wide Flange Beam all bent the hard way to 453.27" and 799.27" Inside Radii, as well as 4" Sch40, 4" XXH, and 4" XH pipe all bent to various configurations for this project.  To read more about the Grand Opening and to see some great pictures of the installed beams, go to the following article in the Seattle Post Intelligence.