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Going Above and Beyond to Meet Our Customers Needs

Albina is not only known for bending large structural members, but we service a wide range of manufacturing companies. We have consistently bent hydraulic lines for a local manufacturing company in Portland Oregon. We will bend 100’s of parts at a time on our CNC equipment. A recent production run was bent out of ½” OD X .049″ WALL T316 S/S material. This customer required some very specific radii. We did not have all of the tooling to match the exact needs. So to service our customer and meet their requirements, Albina purchased tooling to meet every radii our customer required!

Bending Steel Angle Heel Up, Heel Out, Heel In, Leg In and Leg Out! Plus Bulb Flat!

We bend all sizes of angle that the mill produces, up to 8” x 8” x 1¼”. We can bend all types of angle as well; including aluminum, stainless and carbon steel. Carbon angle (mill produced) is classified as ASTM A36 resulting in a yield point (PSI) of 36,000 minimum. We bend all stock lengths as well as non-stock lengths. Stock lengths range from 20 to 40 feet. Angle is produced with equal legs and unequal legs. Unequal legs would measure differently on the horizontal leg versus the vertical leg. We have the ability to bend angle with the leg in, leg out, heel in, heel out and heel up. We also have the ability to bend bulb flat. Bulb flat is similar to angle with one of the legs cut down to a very short “stub”. We can bend bulb flat with the stem out and the stem in. We can bend all mill sizes produced up to 430 mm x 20 mm (16.93” wide x .787” thick). Bent angle can be used for many different applications. The most common application would be angle flanges which are full circles that are used to join sections of pipe together. Bent angle is also used for canopies, roof trusses and tunnel shoring applications.

Bent Steel Angle Leg Out

Angle Leg Out

Bent Steel Angle Heel Up

Angle Heel Up

Meet Brian and Jaime Smith: It Never Hurts to Try Something New! We Aren’t Afraid of a Little Adventure When It Comes to Our Business or Family Life!

We aren’t afraid of a little adventure when it comes to our business or our family life! We recently took a family vacation to Central Oregon and went hiking and cliff jumping at Steelhead Falls! Our kids were eager to jump and even more eager to see us jump! I started with the lower rocks and worked my way up to the bigger ones. I couldn’t let my son down! Jaime started on the lower rocks, and while she never made it up to the high ones, she found the courage to jump as our teenage daughter implored her by saying “Mom, I will be so disappointed in you if you don’t jump.” That was all it took and off she went! See our videos on YouTube.

Brian is at
Jaime is at

At times, we are not afraid to jump into something if the experience and adventure of it is worth it in the long run. I think that my grandpa had that same philosophy when he was hired at Albina 79 years ago. We hope to keep his spirit, as well as my father’s spirit, alive in our future endeavors. We encourage and challenge you to try something new. If you haven’t used us in awhile, or if you have never used us, please consider jumping in and giving us a chance to show you what we can do. We are up to the challenge!

6″ Pipe Bends for Steel Rings Displayed at Hulu Convention

We recently bent 6″ SCH10 A53A ERW rolled to a 4’ 0” radius. We were instructed to bend the material in 180° sections and the customer was then going to make them into full circles. It is our understanding that these rings will be hung from the ceiling, painted and wrapped in ribbon for a Hulu convention.

6" pipe bends

What Information Do We Need to Quote a Job Specifying Bent Steel Parts

The quick and easy way to find out what we require when quoting a project specifying bent steel parts is to visit our online Steel Bending and Fabrication Request for Quote form on our website. Below is a summary of the information that we need to accurately and efficiently quote your job:

a) Company Name, Address and Phone Number
b) Primary Contact Name and Email Address
c) Description of your project
d) What is you Bid Deadline?
e) Material Type & Size
f) Material Quantity
g) Provide any supplemental drawing or attachments that will help us bid the job.

Give us the chance to quote your next job that specifies bent steel parts! We are a dependable supplier! Not only can you count on parts arriving on time, but the level of customer service and quality of parts that we provide will exceed your expectations. We value the relationships that we have with our customers.

Helical, Elliptical and Parabolic Bent 3-1/2″ Sch40 Steel Pipe for Wind Sculpture

A customer recently called us and asked if we were ready for a difficult steel bending project out of 3½” Sch40 pipe.  The project was for a Wind Sculpture in Oak Harbor Washington.  The designer was hopeful that the material could be bent to countless radii and configurations.  Some of the radii are elliptical, some bends are compound, some bends are helical bent, the list goes on.  Once Albina reviewed the drawings we jumped at the opportunity to perform.  The experts at Albina make the seemingly impossible bending projects, possible.

Helical, Elliptical and Parabolic Bent 3-1/2" Sch40 Steel Pipe

Helical, Elliptical and Parabolic Bent 3-1/2″ Sch40 Steel Pipe

Bent Steel Helps Improve Roadways

As congress passes legislation for road improvements, bent steel parts used on heavy road equipment will play a big part in making those improvements possible.  Albina services many industries and provides bent steel parts for not only automotive and heavy construction equipment, but also aircraft, aerospace, boat trailers, boats, locomotives, and agricultural farming equipment.

Curved Steel Sign at Village at the Peaks Shopping Center

How do you catch the attention of holiday shoppers this time of year?  Place a decorative, eye-catching, ornamental sign at the entrance to your shopping center! Albina Co., Inc. can help you vision become a reality. Albina Co., Inc. recently completed another ornamental curved steel sign for the  Village at the Peaks shopping center in Colorado. The curved steel materials included bent wide flange W12 X 79# A992 the hard way and bent tube steel TS 2″ X 2″ X .250″ WALL A500 GRB.

Curved Steel Sign Village at the Peaks

Curved Steel Sign Village at the Peaks

Curved Steel at Harley Davidson in Scottsdale, AZ.

Albina Co., Inc. recently completed various lengths of curved rectangular tube steel for the curved portion of the face of the new Harley Davidson building in Scottsdale, Arizona.   We also bent various internal structural steel elements for the interior of the building as well as a spiral staircase.

Curved Steel Harley Davidson

Curved Steel Harley Davidson

Curved Steel Harley Davidson Facade

Curved Steel Harley Davidson Facade

Spiral Staircase Harley Davidson

Spiral Staircase Harley Davidson

Curved Steel Harley Davidson Interior Structure

Curved Steel Harley Davidson Interior Structure


Curved Steel Pedestrian Bridge Woodburn, OR.

Albina Co., Inc. recently bent various sizes of tube steel to help create a beautiful curved steel pedestrian bridge in Woodburn, OR.

Materials we worked with:

TS 4″ X 4″ X .188″ WALL A500 GR B.  65 lengths rolled anywhere from a 30 ft radius to a 300 ft radius.

TS 4″ X 2½” X .188″ WALL A500 GR B.  28 lengths rolled anywhere from a 30 ft radius to a 120 ft radius.

TS 4″ X 1½” X .120″ WALL A500 GR B.  36 lengths rolled anywhere from a 30 ft radius to a 300 ft radius.

Curved Steel Pedestrian Bridge Woodburn, WA.

Curved Steel Pedestrian Bridge Woodburn, WA.

Curved Steel Pedestrian Bridge Woodburn, WA.

Curved Steel Pedestrian Bridge Woodburn, WA.