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NEW- Ovality Calculator Now Available on Our Website

Ovality is simply how “out of round” a round material is. The new ovality calculator determines the % of ovality (i.e. the % the material is out of round).

All round material has a certain amount of ovality (even as straight material) nothing is PERFECTLY round, mills will produce material to an ovality tolerance. When bending round material, the material will slightly oval. The material theoretic OD, the wall thickness, the radius the material is bent to and the bending method (i.e. how is the material bent) will all impact the final ovality of bent round material. Customers that are using pipe for pressure retaining systems, heat exchangers, industrial applications, boiler tubes, etc. are all concerned about the ovality of round material after bending.

The ovality calculator is a great addition to our already vast offering of general bending calculators and spiral math calculators available online.

bending calculators for steel bending calculations

bending calculators for steel bending calculations

Albina Co., Inc. Provides End Users With Tools to Successfully Quote and Understand Their Curved Steel Project

Albina Co., Inc. provides a plethora of tools on their website to allow end users the ability to not only make important steel bending calculations with the bending and spiral bending calculators, but we also provide a number of conversion charts, weight and dimension grids and reference guides. We want the end user to understand what we are quoting, why we need the information that we do, how we quote and ultimately we want the end user to understand the nuances of using curved steel on a project.

We also provide calculators to aid in determining tangent materials and bend tolerances for different material types, sizes and bending processes. Visit our “Calculators” page to gain easy access to these tools. Bookmark the page for future reference!

Metal Construction News Publishes 2015 Metal Directory

The Metal Directory & Resource Guide is the metal construction industry’s most comprehensive guide to more than 1,200 suppliers of product and services. Find suppliers in categories such as building systems, coatings, contractor tools, doors, fasteners, framing, insulation, roofs, rooftop products, and wall. Albina Co., Inc. is listed as a feature supplier under “curved metal roofing.”

Material Reference Library Contains Specification and Conversion Charts

Albina Pipe Bending’s Tech Tool Box is full of information to assist you with all of your pipe, tube and steel bending questions.  If you have suggestions for additional information that you would like to see posted on our site, please contact us and let us know!

Metric to Pipe Conversion Chart

A conversion tool from milimeters to inches.

Pipe/Tubing Guages Equivalents

A conversion chart from standard guages to decimal equivalents.

Weights & Dimensions of Seamless and Welded Pipe

Summarized data for all commonly produced pipe sizes (weights and thicknesses, etc.).

Weights & Dimensions of Aluminum Tubing, Pipe and Shapes

Summarized data for Aluminum Tubing, Pipe and Shapes (weights and thicknesses, etc.).

Weights & Dimensions of Carbon Tubing, Pipe & Shapes

Summarized data for Carbon Tubing, Pipe and Shapes (weights and thicknesses, etc.).

Stainless Steel Pipe Specifications

A summarized reference sheet for Stainless Steel Alloys.

Aluminum Alloy Reference Guide

A summarized reference guide for Aluminum Alloys and Tempers.