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Curved Steel Bollards for SoFi Stadium

Albina recently completed 233 pieces of 4″ SCH40 A53B ERW bent in a Double 90° configuration on a 9″ centerline radius for bollards for the back area of the new SoFi Stadium-Home of the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers (loading dock, VIP parking, etc.) The bollards will be used for protection of the main structural columns at the stadium.

Curved Steel Bollards for SoFi Stadium
Curved Steel Bollards for SoFi Stadium

2″ Sch 40 Curved Steel Bollards for Vehicle Control

Albina is your steel bending expert for large material as well as small material! We just finished a project that required 650 safety bollards. Bollards are thick, low posts, usually made of iron or steel for the purpose of diverting traffic from an area or road and also often used on a wharf for fastening mooring lines. This particular project was used for auto traffic diversion and the bollards were constructed out of 2″ SCH40 A53B ERW BARE, bent to a 6” center-line-radius x 180 degrees. We produce custom bollards for urban traffic and vehicle control, for fastening mooring lines, as barriers and barricades, for pedestrian security, for ornamental landscape structures and for unique bike rack solutions.

Does Your Construction Project Require Bollards?

Albina just recently completed work on a project that required 252 pcs of 2” Sch40 A53B ERW pipe bent for bollards. Each “staple” bollard was bent on a 6” center-line-radius (a double 90° configuration). All parts were held to a +/- 1/8” center-center dimension and they had to avoid all moisture (they could not rust). To avoid rust, all raw material and then finished product were store inside our facility. Prior to loading on a truck all parts were placed on pallets and covered with shrink wrap to protect them from moisture.

Bent Steel for Recreational Applications

A wide variety of mounting options, tooling sets and finishes allow us to produce a custom bike rack to fit your needs and specifications. We produce custom bollards for urban traffic and vehicle control, barriers and barricades, pedestrian security, ornamental landscape structures and bike rack solutions.

We specialize in playground equipment including spiral climbers, arch caps, manufactured parts and custom design applications.