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Blog posts tagged with 'Custom Bike Racks'

2" Sch 40 Curved Steel Bollards for Vehicle Control
Albina is your steel bending expert for large material as well as small material! We just finished a project that required 650 safety bollards. Bollards are thick, low posts, usually made of iron or steel for the purpose of diverting traffic from an area or road and also often used on a wharf for fastening mooring lines. This particular project was used for auto traffic diversion and the bollards were constructed out of 2" SCH40 A53B ERW BARE, bent to a 6” center-line-radius x 180 degrees. We produce custom bollards for urban traffic and vehicle control, for fastening mooring lines, as barriers and barricades, for pedestrian security, for ornamental landscape structures and for unique bike rack solutions.
Custom Curved Steel Bike Racks to Your Specifications
Albina has recently started making bike racks for a new customer. No matter the size or shape this customers knows that Albina will perform as promised. Albina can make racks from pipe, tubing (square / rectangular) and flat bar. The most recent project required 446 racks made out of Flat Bar 5/8" X 2½" A36. Each rack needed to be cut, bent, trimmed to length and the ends required 1,784 pcs of welded rod to act as anchor pieces. This material needed to remain rust free to avoid the process of sandblasting after fabrication and before powder coating. Albina shipped all material to our shop tarped. All material was unloaded inside our facility with overhead cranes. Once unloaded, the raw material and finished product remained in our facility until it was time to ship to the powder coater (who is located across the street from our shop). Call us if you need a custom bike rack and need a dependable supplier that will meet your every need.
Pipe Bends Create Unique Bike Racks
Kickstands are overrated! Albina Co., Inc. can manufacture your bike racks to specifications listed by designers and architects. We have the ability to bend pipe and tube, flat bar, square and rectangular tubing, plate and all other forms of structural steel. We have the capacity to do large runs of wave racks and staple racks. We can also produce to your custom design. A wide variety of mounting options, tooling sets and finishes allow us to produce a custom bike rack to fit your needs and specifications. [caption id="attachment_444" align="aligncenter" width="300"]pipe bends for custom bike racks pipe bends for custom bike rack[/caption] [caption id="attachment_445" align="aligncenter" width="300"]pipe bends for custom staple bike rack pipe bends for custom staple bike rack[/caption] [caption id="attachment_446" align="aligncenter" width="300"]pipe bends for custom wave bike rack pipe bends for custom wave bike rack[/caption]