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Albina’s New Plate Roll Is In Action!

Our new plate roll is busy and we have some great projects on the machine right now. We are in the process of bending material for some custom tanks made out of Nickel material. This project consists of various tanks rolled to different diameters. All material is Nickel 201 ranging in thickness from 3/16” to 3/8”. The plate sections are up to 72” long prior to rolling. Diameters we are rolling to range from 57” to 107”. In addition to the tanks we are proving the cooling tubes as well. Cooling tubes are bent out of 1” Sch40 Nickel 201 (with terminals) to match the diameter of the tanks. Needless to say, this is a fun and challenging project!

Do you Need Some Rolled Plate?

Albina has purchased a new plate roll to add to our capabilities!
This new plate roll is a Lemas Hydraulic 4-roll, 3/8” capacity over 6 feet long.
The diameter of all rolls measures 7.87”. This machine will allow us to roll material tighter then we could previously roll. It will also allow us to roll thinner material then we could previously roll. We had a recent project requiring us to roll some very tight cylinders which prompted the purchase of the machine, but we are excited to take on more new work that we previously had to turn away.

Albina’s Involvement in Tunnel Shoring Projects

Albina provides bent and curved steel components to assist with infrastructure improvements all over the US and Canada. These projects are critical to strengthening and/or improving our tunnels (pedestrian, auto/train, utilities, etc), mines, bridges, roads, water wells, concrete support columns, etc. Albina provides bent steel components to various fabricators and end users to meet the requirements for their numerous applications / needs- most of these projects are critical in nature and partially or fully supported with federal stimulus funds. Some products Albina produces includes:

  • Casing Cylinders
  • Rolled Plate Cylinders
  • Stiffeners
  • Curved Plate Sections for Earthquake Retrofits
  • Concrete Column Wraps
  • Tunnel Shoring Applications
  • Tunnel Supports
  • Tunnel Framework/Skeleton
  • Column and Bridge Supports
  • Cones
  • Other Plate Formed Sections