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Spiral Stringers Help Create Stunning Staircase at Altar’d State at The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace

Albina Co., Inc. recently rolled 16 pieces of 5/8″ plate A36 to as tight as a 162″ radius. Six pieces of plate were used as the inside stringers of a beautiful spiral staircase at Altar’d State at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. Six pieces of plate were used as the outside stringers of the staircase, and four pieces were used on the landings. We bent the stringers, trimmed rectangular treat cut outs, trimmed to length, match paired plates, tacked them together and match drilled all holes. We bolt matched the plates together with a 6 bolts, (2) on the end, (2) in the middle, and (2) on the other end.

We also bent 2½” X 2½” X ¼” ANGLE A36 to help create the spiral staircase. Materials included:

1 piece leg in to a 25” inside radius.  Albina to bend 180° minimum.

1 piece leg out to a 162” inside radius.  Albina to bend 70” minimum arc.

1 piece leg out to a 30” inside radius.  Albina to bend 36” minimum arc.

1 piece leg out to a 19” inside radius.  Albina to bend 80” minimum arc.

1 piece leg in to a 38” inside radius.  Albina to bend 180° minimum.

Lastly, we bent one piece of Flat Bar 5/8″ x 12″ A36 UM Plate leg in to a 38” inside radius and 180° minimum.

NEW DAVI MAV K30 Plate Roll Purchased at FABTECH!

Albina Co., Inc. President Brian Smith stands in front of the new DAVI Plate Roll
Albina Co., Inc. President, Brian Smith, stands in front of the new DAVI MAV K30 Plate Roll

We had the pleasure of attending FABTECH this week and purchased a new MAV Variable Geometry K30 2-1/2” x 10 ft plate roll! The machine is due to arrive in our shop next week and we will have it up and rolling soon!

The overall capacity for standard A36 plate is 10 ft x 2½”. For higher yield material (example 60 ksi) the machine can pre-bend and roll the following examples:

  1. 10 ft x 1 5/8″ thick to a 61″ outside diameter.
  2. 9 ft x 1 3/4″ thick to a 96″ outside diameter.
  3. 10 ft x 3/4″ thick to a 30″ inside diameter.

This machine will drastically increase our capacity for plate rolling and we are excited about the opportunity to bid your plate rolling needs!

Our Plate Roll is Definitely Rolling Right Now!

Albina’s plate roll has been extremely busy as of late and we recently rolled 1/2″ X 96″ A36 and 3/8″ X 96″ A36 plate to a 55 foot radius for a large tank.  Very cool pictures below! Did you know that our plate rolling capacity is determined by a number of factors. The thickness we can roll is tied directly to the width of the plate we are bending. For example our plate roll can bend up to 10 foot wide material, but can only bend ¾” thick plate at 10 foot wide. As the plate becomes smaller in width we can bend thicker material. For example if a piece of plate measure 18” wide, the material could measure 2” thick.

rolled plate for tank
rolled plate for tank

Another Fabricator Happy with the Quality of Our Plate Rolling!

Albina recently rolled ½” THICK A36 PLATE X 91″ WIDE to create:
1 cylinder: 40″ ID X 91″ LONG
1 cone: 29″ ID X 40″ ID X 49.5″ TALL

Albina’s scope of work was to prebend, trim, roll, and tack weld per the drawings provided and turn it over to the fabricator for fabrication. After we completed the job, the fabricator had this message for us, “I just wanted to pass along the attached photo and compliment on the rolling you just did for us. The parts literally could not have fit better than they did which makes our job as fabricators so much easier. Please pass along a thank you to your team for another great job.”

Rolled Plate Cylinder and Cone

Do you Need Some Rolled Plate?

Albina has purchased a new plate roll to add to our capabilities!
This new plate roll is a Lemas Hydraulic 4-roll, 3/8” capacity over 6 feet long.
The diameter of all rolls measures 7.87”. This machine will allow us to roll material tighter then we could previously roll. It will also allow us to roll thinner material then we could previously roll. We had a recent project requiring us to roll some very tight cylinders which prompted the purchase of the machine, but we are excited to take on more new work that we previously had to turn away.

Rolled Plate Creates Spiral Stair Stringers

Albina Co., Inc. recently rolled steel plate to create the spiral stair stringers for a beautiful custom curved steel staircase in California. The plate sections consisted of 1/2″ x 14″ A36 plate rolled counter clockwise to a 38′ 8″ radius and 43′ 9″ radius. For portions of the landing area, 1″ X 14″ A36 plate was rolled anywhere from a 37′ 7″ radius to a 42′ 6″ radius. Various other structural steel members were bent including 4″ X 4″ X ¼” ANGLE A36 rolled legout to a 37′ 6″ radius.

steel spiral stair stringers from rolled plate

steel spiral stair stringers from rolled plate

steel spiral stair stringers from rolled plate

steel spiral stair stringers from rolled plate

Bent Wide Flange and Rolled Plate Installed in Custom Treehouse

Albina bent and fabricated various structural materials to create the floor supports and decking for a custom tree house in Sammamish, Washington. Materials used included:

a) 3-1/2″ Sch80 and 5″ Sch80 Bare Pipe fabricated complete per drawings with brackets cap welded to ends
b) 1/2″, 3/4″ and 3/8″ Rolled Plate
c) Tube Steel 8″ x 4″ x .250″ Wall A500 GR B
d) W6 x 15# A992 and W8 x 15# A992 Wide Flange

Here are some updated pictures from the installation.  Final install pictures coming soon!

bent steel provides  tree house floor supports and decking bent steel provides  tree house floor supports and decking bent steel provides  tree house floor supports and decking bent steel provides  tree house floor supports and decking bent steel provides  tree house floor supports and decking

Albina is the “Go To” Bender and Roller of Choice for Many Fabricators

We recently received some feedback from a customer about the quality of not only our bending and forming capabilities, but our great customer service as well. “Your company has become our “go to” for steel bending and forming. This doesn’t happen without the professionalism and dedication of the entire company, from the person who unlocks the door in the morning to the person who ties down the load at night.” Curtis at Progressive Steel

Albina Rolls Plate for Guardrail at Portland Community College Campus

Albina recently provided rolled plate for a guardrail at the SE Campus of Portland Community College and our customer sent the following feedback: “The rolled plates you processed for us had to be welded together for an exposed circular guardrail. We assembled the plates, ends lined-up, radiuses matched – the parts fit perfectly. Thank you and your team for your accuracy and performance.”

Joshua Hemmert
DB Steel, Inc.

Northwest Environmental Conference and Metal Roll Forming

The Northwest Environmental Conference and Tradeshow is coming to Portland, Oregon December 10-11, 2013. This is the conference for todays environmental, operations and sustainability professionals. You may wonder how a conference focusing on the environment and sustainability would tie into metal roll forming? Steel is the most recycled material on the planet with 90% recycled content. Albina Pipe Bending Co., Inc bends small diameter and radius pipe, tube, plate and steel for environmental applications such as pollution prevention, waste management, solar power, wind power, hydropower, paper shredders, and more. If you are in town for the show and have a need for metal roll forming, give us a call to arrange a tour of our facility. Find out more information about the tradeshow at