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60,000# of Bent Steel for The Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Palm Desert, CA.

We just finished a project for The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert, California which consisted of over 60,000# of bent steel! This project consisted of AESS (Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel) material including both angle to rectangular tubing. The rectangular tubing ranged from 2” x 1” up to 16” x 8″! This is a great example of how well we can handle so many various sizes of material from the small to the big! We do it all! Another highlight of this project is that we were able to take the 10″ X 6″ X .375″ WALL A500 GR B Tube Steel to a 7 ft radius! A very difficult accomplishment.

Rolled Steel for Unmanned Aircraft Hangar

We have all heard about drones and how they may play a role in our future. Like it or not, drone technology is getting better and better and the areas of the business sector where they can and will play a large roll in the growth and development of certain areas of business. Albina has just finished rolling 50,000# of steel for a new UNMANNED AIRCRAFT HANGAR. For this project we rolled 6” angle, square tubing 3″ x 3″ and 6″ x 6″, as well as wide flange ranging from W8# to W18#. Stay tuned for some installation pictures in the near future.

Curved Steel Angle and Round Pipe Create Wild Adventure at National Amusement Park

Albina Co., Inc. recently completed a curved steel project for a national amusement park on an expedited schedule that included 96,000 pounds of bent steel consisting of:

8″ X 8″ X ½” ANGLE A36
8″ X 6″ X ½” ANGLE A36
8″ X 4″ X ½” ANGLE A36

All angle was rolled leg in and leg out and rolled as tight as a 18 ft radius.

14″ OD X .375″ WALL A500 GR. B round pipe rolled down to a 20 ft radius and lengths ranged from 40 ft to 60 ft long.

Curved Channel for Amusement Park Ride Tracks

Curved Pipe for Amusement Park Ride

Curved Pipe for Amusement Park Ride

Curved Pipe for Amusement Park Ride

We Continue to Supply Bent Steel for the St. Alphonsus Project in Idaho

We continue to provide bent steel for the St. Alphonsus Medical Group – Emerald Clinic in Idaho. We recently supplied another 20,000# of bent steel for the St. Alphonsus project.
This phase of the project included:
Tube Steel 8″ X 4″ X .375″ WALL A500 GR B
Tube Steel 16″ X 4″ X .375″ WALL A500 GR B
2″ X 2″ X 3/16″ ANGLE A36
Tube Steel 14″ X 4″ X .625″ WALL A500 GR B
Tube Steel 4″ X 2″ X .188″ WALL A500 GR B
Tube Steel 8″ X 2″ X .250″ WALL A500 GR B

All of these materials were bent on our state of the art roll bending equipment in a cold state. Everything was provided to AESS standards.

Steel Angle Bending for New Rides at the Seaworld Ocean Explorer Project

Do you require a fast lead-time for a RUSH high profile construction project? Well look no further than Albina Co., Inc. Albina has recently teamed up with a very loyal longtime customer to make the bends for the Seaworld Ocean Explorer project in San Diego, CA. Albina received authorization to proceed on 1/25/17 and 7 working days later we were shipping the first 48,000# truckload of bent steel! Our customer thought they were asking for a miracle and Albina was happy to provide exactly what was required.

Albina processed 40 ft, 50 ft and 60 ft lengths of bent steel angle:
14″ OD X .375″ WALL A500 GR. B
8″ X 4″ X ½” ANGLE A36
8″ X 6″ X ½” ANGLE A36
8″ X 8″ X ½” ANGLE A36

All of the angle were bent to various radii, some of the lengths were bent leg-in and others leg-out. The Seaworld Ocean Explorer project will feature a mini-sub interactive ride called Submarine Quest and three new family-inspired rides inspired by the sea. Pictures will be posted upon completion of the project.

Rolled HSS and Steel Angle for Fort Bliss Hospital in Texas

Albina has successfully completed bending various HSS and angle for the Fort Bliss Hospital in Texas. We induction bent and roll bent with internal support, materials to meet AESS standards. TS 16″ X 4″ X .500″ WALL A500 GR B was induction bent to a spiral configuration down to a 29 ft plan view radius for the stringers. We also roll bent (with internal support) the same material, the easy way, down to a 29 ft radius for landing materials. Other materials required for this project included TS 10″ X 4″ X .375″ WALL A500 GR B and 3″ X 3″ X 3/8″ ANGLE A36. Just another project that proves distance is NOT a deterrent. If you want high quality bending, on-time, with great customer service, call us today!