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Elliptical Bends Provided for Universal Palms Hotel Pool Renovation

Albina recently bent 100 lengths of TS 2″ X 1″ X .125″ WALL 6061-T6 aluminum in elliptical configurations. All of the ellipse bends had to be within 1/8″ of the template provided and it was critical that all parts match each other. This was a rush project that was required just a few days after receipt of material. The ellipse bends will be used in the newly renovated pool at the Universal Palms Hotel in Florida. The hotel was recently purchased by a group of New York investors that plan to re-brand the hotel under the Choice Hotels franchise. 

Tube Steel Elliptical Bends for Universal Palms Hotel Pool-1
Tube Steel Elliptical Bends for Universal Palms Hotel Pool-2
Tube Steel Elliptical Bends for Universal Palms Hotel Pool-3

Curved Steel Roof Structure at Rainbow Recreational Center in Oakland, CA.

Albina recently bent 96,000# of steel consisting of 75 pieces of  TS10″ X 6″ X .500″ WALL A500 GR B and TS 10″ X 6″ X.625″ WALL A500 GR B bent the hard way for the curved Steel roof structure at the Rainbow Recreation Center in Oakland, CA. The renovation and expansion of the Rainbow Rec Center is a 13.7 million dollar project expected to be completed by Spring 2019.

curved steel roof structure rainbow recreational center-1
curved steel roof structure rainbow recreational center-2
curved steel roof structure rainbow recreational center-3

Curved Steel Sky Bridge & Knight Campus Groundbreaking!

On Friday, March 2nd, almost a year-and-a-half after announcing the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact, the University of Oregon broke ground for the new campus! The project is slated to be complete by 2020. A signature sky bridge over Franklin Boulevard will connect the campus to other U of O research facilities while creating a gateway corridor between Eugene and Springfield. Albina Co. Inc. bent 22″ OD X 1″ WALL CARBON STEEL PIPE to a 105 foot centerline radius for the sky bridge. What an amazing project! Stay tuned for install pictures! 

Phil Knight Campus Curved Steel Sky Bridge
Phil Knight Campus Curved Steel Sky Bridge

High Purity Stainless Steel Projects

Another high purity project in the books! We have been staying real busy with a number of stainless steel projects recently. Not only are they bright and shiny to look at, but they often present a unique challenge depending on the configuration and specifications for each piece. For this project, Albina bent 1¾” OD X .065″ WALL T304 Stainless Steel Tubing into multiple coils from 20 ft lengths to a 26.75” diameter. 

Stainless Steel Tubing
Stainless Steel Tubing
Stainless Steel Tubing

“Molecule” Curved Stainless Steel Sculpture at Winona State University

I often take time at the beginning of each new year to reflect on some cool projects we have done over the years and to make sure that we get those out to the digital world and share them with steel enthusiasts. One of the coolest art projects we have been a part of was the “Molecule” by Larry Kirkland for Winona State University in Minnesota. 

Albina rolled 200, 12 foot lengths of ½” SOLID ROUND 6061-T6 Aluminum to net 133 full circles. Our customer then trimmed and fabricated the “Molecule” complete. 

“Molecule” by Larry Kirkland
Close Up View of “Molecule” by Larry Kirkland
“Molecule” by Larry Kirkland

Feature Article in the Portland Business Tribune

Albina Co., Inc. is drawing a lot of attention locally and nationwide as we celebrate 80 years in the steel bending business. Our story is one of the unique ones as we span three generations of Smith owners! Check out the article on the Portland Business Tribune website. 

Extremely Precise Bent Steel for Chemical Processing Application

We recently bent 215 pieces of .79” OD X .083” WALL C-276 for a chemical processing application. C-276 alloy is one of the most corrosion resistant alloys currently available. This project is a perfect example of how consistent, accurate and reliable we are with jobs that require extreme precision!

C-276 Alloy Bent Steel for Chemical Processing Application-1
C-276 Alloy Bent Steel for Chemical Processing Application-2
C-276 Alloy Bent Steel for Chemical Processing Application-3

Albina Co., Inc. is a Proud Member of the USFA (Utah Steel Fabricators Association)

We recently joined the USFA (Utah Steel Fabricators Association) to assist in the effort to support and improve the steel fabrication industry in Utah.  USFA members are comprised of steel distributors, steel processors,  steel fabricators, and providers of many products and services related to metal fabrication. This is an exciting opportunity to network with other folks in the steel industry and to help strengthen the educational core in Utah’s steel industry.

Curved Steel Provided for the Eli Lilly San Diego Biotech Center in La Jolla

Albina provided 109,000# of bent steel for the Eli Lilly San Diego Biotech Center in La Jolla, CA. Eli Lilly doubled the size of its research facility to 300,000 square feet during this project.

Materials included:

8″ X 8″ X 5/8″ ANGLE A36- half of the parts rolled leg in and half of the parts rolled leg out.

Tube Steel 8″ X 8″ X .500″ WALL A500 GR B

8 5/8″ OD X .625″ WALL A500B

Wide Flange W16 X 57# A992- Split into WT8 and rolled some parts stem in and rolled some parts stem out.

Wide Flange W24 X 103# A992- DOUBLE split to a finished height of 8¼” tall.  Albina then rolled some parts stem in and other stem out.

Curved Steel for the Eli Lilly San Diego Biotech Center

Albina Co., Inc. Celebrating 80 Years in the Steel Bending Industry!

Albina Co., Inc., located outside Portland, Oregon, has been providing customers with innovative, quality curved steel services and products since 1939. A family owned and operated, third generation business, run by Brian Smith, specializes in structural steel, tube and pipe bending, plate rolling and fabrication. Albina produces virtually any metal component that needs to bend or curve without the use of pre-formed fittings. Albina has provided curved steel for many high-profile buildings, stadiums and structures in the United States and Canada. Albina was the steel bender of choice on the recently completed Amazon Spheres in Seattle,Washington.

Albina is an industry leader in research and development and in 2018, purchased an MCP30 by Davi, the first type of bending machine in the United States with a “iRoll” smart camera system, allowing operators to view the part being bent compared to a radius template on the control screen.  The machine has the ability to “learn and remember” how different materials bend, where the rolls need to be positioned, and how much spring back is associated with a bend / material.

Brian and Jaime Smith by the Davi Machine
Brian and Jaime Smith by the Davi Machine

Albina also purchased a Bend-Tech Dragon A400 Plasma Cutter, a commercial grade CNC tube cutting ,engraving, and marking machine with the world’s most powerful CAD/CAM software. Other new equipment included new welders, jib cranes, induction heating coils, an electric forklift and 40 sets of tooling.

Albina was an instrumental player in the development of the first ever Design Guide of its kind in the United States offering information on the fabrication, design and detailing of curved members. Design Guide 33 “Curved Member Design” was released in October 2018 by the AISC Bender/Roller committee and is an invaluable resource for the industry!

Front Cover of Design Guide 33: “Curved Member Design”

Albina not only has one of the newest, most technologically advanced machines on the market, Albina also has one of the oldest, custom made bending machines ever created! In honor of the 80th Anniversary, Albina created a museum on site, called “The Smith-sonian”, honoring the family name and housing one of the first ever pieces of equipment that Albina owned and used to bend materials. Brian’s grandfather built the“Model-T” bending machine in the early 1940’s utilizing the transmission and differential from a “Model-T” Ford. This machine was used until the 1990’s to bend various materials such as pipe, tube, and square and rectangular hollow structural steel. “The Smith-sonian” is ready for visitors. Cheers to 80 Years!

The Smith-sonian Is Open for Visitors!