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Job Postings- Shop Helper Needed at Albina Co., Inc.

Albina Co., Inc. is a steel bending and fabricating company looking for a Shop Helper. Entry level position in a physically demanding industry. Ability to lift 50lbs repeatedly and stand for 4 hours plus at a time.

Must be willing to do all sorts of shop support tasks. Must be able to read, write and speak English to complete paperwork and communicate with co-workers. Basic math skills required. Forklift and/or loading experience highly preferred.

Previous experience in metal or construction industry helpful.

Machines and Tools commonly used: brooms, dustpans, hoses trough, grinders, torches, banding equipment, band saws, overhead cranes & forklifts.

This is a full time position M-F. Union wage scale starting at $12.55.


Please apply in person at 12080 SW Myslony St., Tualatin, OR 97062 or fax/email your resume to 503-692-6020 or by replying to this posting.

Job Posting- Welder/Fabricator Needed at Albina Co., Inc.

Albina Co., Inc. is a steel bending and fabricating company looking for a Welder/Fabricator. Experience required position in a physically demanding industry. Ability to lift 50lbs repeatedly and stand for 4 hours plus at a time.

Must be able to read, write and speak English to complete paperwork and communicate with co-workers. Basic math skills required. Forklift and/or loading experience highly preferred.

Previous experience in structural steel fabrication shop required.

AWS D1.1 FCAW certification highly preferred.

Candidates for position will be required to perform a welding skills demonstration.

Machines and Tools commonly used: welders, grinders, torches, band saws, shears, punches, drill press.

This is a full-time position Monday-Friday. Union wage scale starting at $17.41 – potentially higher DOE.


Please apply in person at 12080 SW Myslony St., Tualatin, OR 97062 or fax/email your resume to 503-692-6020 or by replying to this posting.

Job Posting-Maintenance Technician Needed at Albina Co., Inc.

Albina Co. Inc., one of the nations leading suppliers of custom bent metal, is currently seeking an energetic, highly motivated and experienced professional to lead and oversee our maintenance program. We have been in business for 70+ years. Candidates with direct maintenance experience in like or similar industries are strongly encouraged to apply.

Job Description
This position installs, maintains and repairs machinery, equipment, physical structures, pipe and electrical systems in our manufacturing facility. Perform preventative maintenance activities assigned for automated or manual machines and equipment per specifications. Familiar with hydraulics and electronics. Follow blueprints, manuals, and schematic drawings. Change or install electrical motors and wiring ranging from ½ hp to 300 hp. Must be familiar with a broad range of hand tools, hoist cranes, measuring and test equipment. Can differentiate unusual sounds in machinery to detect malfunction and discuss machine operation changes with supervisors to diagnose problems or repair machinery. Routinely, use lockout/tag out procedures, dismantle machines and equipment to install new or repaired parts. Provide maintenance upkeep such as cleaning and lubrication of shafts, bearings, gears, etc. Installs and repairs electrical units, operates machinery and fabrication tools such as drill press, welders, plasma torch & grinders to fabricate jigs and fixtures or to repair machinery parts. Create machine specific maintenance documentation, troubleshooting flow diagrams, technical training guides, maintenance checklists, project completion check list, and repair completion checklist.

Skill Requirements

• Minimum 5 years’ experience as a technician/lead
• Working knowledge of hydraulics, electrical and electronics
• Knowledge of various types of electric motors
• Ability to troubleshoot machines for hydraulic, electrical and/or electronic faults
• Ability to use a variety of diagnostic tools
• Ability to disassemble and reassemble equipment as needed to repair malfunctions
• Ability to analyze mechanical problems and determine proper course of repair
• Ability to read, understand and maintain hydraulic, electrical and electronic schematics
• Ability to read, understand and enforce maintenance manual on equipment
• Must be able to work independently and still be part of a team
• Demonstrates even temperament to work under pressure to help prevent delays in production
• Excellent follow up skills
• Perform preventative maintenance and inspect shop equipment for signs of wear
• Help develop and maintain preventive maintenance procedures/program
• Maintain stock of tools, parts and supplies required for PM’s and repairs
• Coordinate repairs with outside vendors as needed
• Intermediate level skills in Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel and Outlook)
• Ability to communicate with shop personnel to better troubleshoot machine issues
• Must be able to lift 35 lbs. daily
• Must be able to spend 50-90% of the work day standing or walking
• Adhere to all company safety rules
• Be willing to work various shifts if needed to help maintain production levels
• Possess a valid class C drivers license
• Be EXTREMELY organized

• Limited Maintenance Electrical license
• PLC experience (troubleshooting and programing)
• Understanding of CMMS
• Able to use forklifts, extended reach forklifts and scissor lifts
• Able to use overhead bridge cranes
• Able to do simple repairs/adjustments to diesel forklifts
• Able to do simple repairs/adjustments to LP Forklifts
• Ability to weld, machine and fabricate parts as needed for repair or R&D
• Be an active member of the safety committee

This is a Union position. Successful applicants must be able to pass a drug test.

• Union Scale $17.51 – $24.83/hr DOE
• Pension Plan
• 401k
• Medical and Dental Insurance
• Vacation & PTO

Please send your resume to or fax it to 503-692-6020

Updated Pictures of Curved Rectangular Tube Steel Bio-Spheres Covered in Glass

See below for the most recent pictures of the curved steel bio-spheres in Seattle, WA. 750,000# and 1,050 pieces rectangular tube steel bent the easy way and a portion bent off-axis. Almost 8 miles of welding work and grinding was avoided because of Albina’s ability to bend a portion of the project. Almost NO correction was needed during fabrication or erection as the bends fit to the fixtures within 1/32nd of an inch!

Curved Steel Bio-Spheres Covered in Glass

Curved Steel Bio-Spheres Covered in Glass

Curved Steel Bio-Spheres Covered in Glass

Curved Steel Bio-Spheres Covered in Glass

Curved Steel Bio-Spheres Covered in Glass

Curved Steel Bio-Spheres Covered in Glass

Meet Brian and Jaime Smith of Albina Co., Inc.- “The Importance of Family in Business”

Albina Co., Inc. started out as family business in 1939. Brian’s grandfather (John) and father (Bill) both served in CEO and Presidential roles before Brian took over in 1998. Brian has worked in all aspects of the business from helping in the shop as a teenager, to managing the Accounting Department straight out of college, to the role of President and CEO which he has maintained for nearly 20 years. Brian’s wife, Jaime, serves as the Marketing and Advertising Manager. Together, Brian and Jaime created the business plan required for the move to their current facility in 2000 and have worked side-by-side for the last 17 years to grow Albina into one of the most well-known and highly regarded steel bending companies in the country. Every month, Brian and Jaime will share their thoughts on the importance of family in business.

June 2017- LOYALTY
Loyalty is defined as faithfulness to commitments or obligations. We pledge loyalty when we get married, when our kids are born,when we are part of team, when we work as a collective unit and when we form personal and professional relationships. Loyalty is showing complete and constant support. Being part of a family business means that we take care of our “Albina Family”, we honor our commitments to employees, vendors and customers and we stand by the relationships that we have built on trust, over the many decades our family has been in business.

Brian and Jaime are huge Blazer fans and love the game of basketball. Both played at Lake Oswego High School and Jaime went on to play Division I at the University of Minnesota. Both of their children play and they love spending time together as a family both playing and watching various levels of hoops. Go Blazers!

Update on Solar Panel Installation at Albina Co., Inc.

We are continuing our efforts to reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuel and we are installing a solar power system on our shop roof to derive clean, pure energy from the sun! We are doing our part to go green and reduce our carbon footprint. Just today, over 100 panels were installed! 168 panels were installed in just two days and that includes panel installation and wire management!

Here is what we are doing:

• We are installing a 135kW (kilowatt) system.
• The panels will be covering the roof of our 4th bay (this bay is 12,500 square feet)….that is a lot of solar panels.
• Our building is perfect for solar as we have no shading and the panels will be southern facing for optimal efficiency for all seasons.
• One array of solar cells will be 45 ft x 106 ft and the second array of solar cells will be 45 ft x 113 ft.
• We will generate our own power for use. If we have excess power it will go back to the grid.

What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint? Do you consider the what your vendors or suppliers are doing to combat greenhouse gas emissions and global warming? People who are continuously looking for ways to improve their output without having an adverse effect on the environment is the type of vendor you want working for you. Vendors who look for new and innovative ways to improve their business will be the same ones that will give you a quality product and care about the outcome of your project.

What is the Most Important Thing You Look For When Choosing Your Steel Bending Vendor?

It is our pledge to our customers that you are never surprised at the end of a project. We will confirm our anticipated delivery schedule at time of order acceptance. If something occurs to change that anticipated delivery schedule, your project manager will contact you to make sure you are aware of any scheduling changes. Many of our return customers come back to us due to our unparalleled customer service and communication. One customer recently told Albina management that they have used other benders in the past and will only use Albina moving forward. Never had they been so well informed throughout the production process. Albina provided answers to questions before the questions were even asked.

Another example of customer service is our automated shipping notifications. The morning after an order ships, Albina sends an email informing the customer of the method of shipment and tracking number if available. This will allow our customers the ability to track their shipment as soon as it hits the road. Also included with this email are any MTR’s, if required, so the customer doesn’t have to wait for these critical reports to arrive with the shipment. Our customers have the reports (electronically) even before receiving their shipment.

We know that customers rely on the information we provide and make plans based on the information we provide. We strive to meet or exceed every customers wants and needs.

Safety Is A Priority at Albina Co., Inc.

Albina continues to be one of the steel industry leaders in safety.
Our shop workers always approach their jobs with safety in mind.
We have a team of workers and management that make up our safety committee. These team members meet monthly and conduct onsite walk throughs in our steel bending shop to identify potential safety hazards. These hazards are always promptly remedied to avoid any potential issues.

While most companies want to avoid safety inspections from OSHA, Albina welcomes these inspections. In fact we volunteer for OSHA safety inspections every year! Along with OSHA inspections we team up with a local vendor to act as our outside safety consultant. This vendor assists with our safety committee, educating us on current safety regulations and conducts safety walk-through’s with our safety committee team.

Albina is proud of being an industry leader in safety and continues to make improvements keeping our steel bending shop as safe as possible.

Experience the Steel Bending Process Like You Have Never Seen Before

The steel bending world, and life, is 360 degrees – now technology is too. We will be offering a drawing for a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Smart Phone and GearVR (virtual reality) googles next week when we exhibit at the NASCC (North American Steel Construction Conference) in San Antonio. Visit our BOOTH #8130 and see for yourself how awesome this new technology is and step into our virtual shop to experience the bending process first hand. One lucky winner will win a new phone and the virtual reality googles! Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Sign up today!

A Review of Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

As we near Inauguration Day, lets take a look at Trump’s Infrastructure plan and how it will affect the steel and manufacturing industries in particular. A few of Trump’s infrastructure plans as obtained from  (

  • Create thousands of new jobs in construction, steel manufacturing, and other sectors to build the transportation, water, telecommunications and energy infrastructure.
  • Put American steel made by American workers into the backbone of America’s infrastructure.
  • Implement a  plan for a cost-effective system of roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, railroads, ports and waterways, and pipelines.
  • Approve private sector energy infrastructure projects—including pipelines and coal export facilities—to better connect American coal and shale energy production with markets and consumers.
  • Incorporate new technologies and innovations into our national transportation system such as state-of-the-art pipelines, advancements in maritime commerce, and the next generation of vehicles.
  • Make clean water a high priority. Develop a long-term water infrastructure plan with city, state and federal leaders to upgrade aging water systems and wastewater infrastructure.

If Trump is able to follow through with some of his plans and promises, the steel industry could play a key role in rebuilding America’s infrastructure.