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Gearing Up for Our 80th Anniversary in 2019!

We are hard at work planning lots of fun events and stocking up on lots of COOL Albina Company swag to prepare for the year-long celebration of our 80th Anniversary. We are in the planning stages of some great activities and events in order recognize all of our employees, customers and vendors that have helped us reach this milestone! We are also creating “The Museum” on site which will house one of the first ever pieces of equipment that Albina owned and used to bend materials. My Grandfather (John Smith) built our “Model-T” bending machine in the late 1930’s / early 1940’s utilizing the transmission and differential from a “Model-T” Ford. This machine was used to roll/bend various materials such as pipe, tube, square and rectangular HSS (hollow structural steel). The machine would pull material around a bend die resulting in a smooth radius finished good. The “Model-T” was in operation at Albina until the 1990’s when it was replaced by more efficient bending equipment.

We hope to have “The Museum” set up and ready for visitors after the first of the new year. Stop by to see us! We are happy to take you on a tour of our shop and show you the machine!

Bending Machine powered by Model T Ford Engine

Bending Machine powered by Model T Ford Engine

Curved Steel Angle and Round Pipe Create Wild Adventure at National Amusement Park

Albina Co., Inc. recently completed a curved steel project for a national amusement park on an expedited schedule that included 96,000 pounds of bent steel consisting of:

8″ X 8″ X ½” ANGLE A36
8″ X 6″ X ½” ANGLE A36
8″ X 4″ X ½” ANGLE A36

All angle was rolled leg in and leg out and rolled as tight as a 18 ft radius.

14″ OD X .375″ WALL A500 GR. B round pipe rolled down to a 20 ft radius and lengths ranged from 40 ft to 60 ft long.

Curved Channel for Amusement Park Ride Tracks

Curved Pipe for Amusement Park Ride

Curved Pipe for Amusement Park Ride

Curved Pipe for Amusement Park Ride

We Continue to Supply Bent Steel for the St. Alphonsus Project in Idaho

We continue to provide bent steel for the St. Alphonsus Medical Group – Emerald Clinic in Idaho. We recently supplied another 20,000# of bent steel for the St. Alphonsus project.
This phase of the project included:
Tube Steel 8″ X 4″ X .375″ WALL A500 GR B
Tube Steel 16″ X 4″ X .375″ WALL A500 GR B
2″ X 2″ X 3/16″ ANGLE A36
Tube Steel 14″ X 4″ X .625″ WALL A500 GR B
Tube Steel 4″ X 2″ X .188″ WALL A500 GR B
Tube Steel 8″ X 2″ X .250″ WALL A500 GR B

All of these materials were bent on our state of the art roll bending equipment in a cold state. Everything was provided to AESS standards.

Keep Things “COOL” at Albina

Albina just bent and welded 27 lengths x 20 ft to make 3 cooling coil assemblies for a refrigeration project. All material processed was 1¼” Sch80 SA106B seamless.
Albina roll bent the material to the requested coil configurations. We trimmed the coils to size and draw bent the terminals and welded the terminals to the coils. Each cooling coil assemble was pressure tested after fabrication for leaks. Once we completed this project we shipped it across the country to Maryland!