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Custom Spiral Staircase Constructed of Rolled Steel Plate and Steel Tubing

Albina Co., Inc. recently rolled several materials for a custom spiral staircase. Materials bent by Albina Co., Inc. include:
PL ¾” X 14″ A36- spiral rolled to a 5’ 3” plan view radius and a 9’ 3” plan view radius.
PL ¾” x 4″ A36- spiral rolled to a 5’ 3” plan view radius.
PL ¾” X 8″ A36- spiral rolled to a 5’ 3” plan view radius.
1½” OD X .120″ WALL HREW: Rolled to a 8’ 11” plan view radius.

Final Install Pictures of Curved Steel Circular Staircase for the New American Airlines Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas

Thanks to Viva Railings LLC (Photo credit & Glass/Railing Fabricator) we have received some final installation pictures of the circular staircase at the “Trinity Complex”, home to American Airlines Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. We spiral bent Tube Steel 16″ X 16″ X .625″ WALL A500 GR B bent down to a an 18 foot radius, using our induction heating process to create the spiral stringers for the staircase. In addition to the 16″ square, we produced another set of spiral stringers consisting of Tube Steel 14″ x 6″ x .625″ wall REALLY tight, exposed and bent to a 5′-6″ radius on a 45° pitch. These are the type of bends that ONLY Albina can do! The 1.7 million-square-foot complex, dubbed the “Trinity complex,” consists of four seven-story buildings. It cost nearly $300 million to build and houses over 6,500 employees. There were 10 tower cranes on the project and more than 1,000 construction workers on-site during the peak of the project.

Steel Spiral Stringers for Mills High School Curved Staircase

Albina Co., competes all over North America. This summer Albina finished processing some TS 18″ X 6″ X .500″ WALL A500 GR B for Mills High School located in Arkansas. Albina spiral bent the rectangular tubing the easy-way to a 15 ft plan view radius and also bent the landing / flat sections the easy way to the same 15 ft radius. Everything on this project was to AESS standards.
Albina is the national expert in HSS spiral stringer bending. Our quality standards are unmatched. Do not let distance be a deterrent, consider us your “local” bending partner and experience the unmatched quality and service we offer at Albina Co., Inc.

#1 Bender/Roller for Helical, Spiral and Circular Bending in the Country

Why choose Albina?
• Full range of materials offered (small to large) and all types of material.
• Industry leading distortion
Stringers bent out of true HSS material (not two pieces of channel or various sections of plate welded together)
• No filler materials used
• Fair pricing
• Unmatched service and attention to detail.

If you require a “spiral” staircase you really need to partner with Albina on your next project. You will be in good hands!

Helical Bending for Spiral Staircases

Albina Co., Inc. is a world leader in helical bending.  Helical bent items are typically used as spiral stringers in “spiral” staircase projects.  The sections that Albina bends are for the stringer supports in a staircase for both residential and commercial construction projects.  The stringers Albina provides are unique in that we are not limited in size of material we work with nor the type of material.  We also do not “stuff” the stringer material with other “filler” type materials (which drastically increases the weight of your final product) to successfully bend.  We are able to bend all of our materials empty and are still able to contain distortion, crush and deformation- offering the highest quality end product in the industry.  We can bend HSS (square or rectangular material), Channel and Pipe from the smallest members to some of the largest sections available.  In fact, we have provided stringers bent out of TS 20” x 12” x .500” material. Albina can also help with your fabrication needs! If you don’t want to deal with the headaches of fabrication and would prefer getting a fabricated assembly, we can help with that too!