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Helical, Elliptical and Parabolic Bent 3-1/2″ Sch40 Steel Pipe for Wind Sculpture

A customer recently called us and asked if we were ready for a difficult steel bending project out of 3½” Sch40 pipe.  The project was for a Wind Sculpture in Oak Harbor Washington.  The designer was hopeful that the material could be bent to countless radii and configurations.  Some of the radii are elliptical, some bends are compound, some bends are helical bent, the list goes on.  Once Albina reviewed the drawings we jumped at the opportunity to perform.  The experts at Albina make the seemingly impossible bending projects, possible.

Helical, Elliptical and Parabolic Bent 3-1/2" Sch40 Steel Pipe

Helical, Elliptical and Parabolic Bent 3-1/2″ Sch40 Steel Pipe

Albina’s Involvement in Tunnel Shoring Projects

Albina provides bent and curved steel components to assist with infrastructure improvements all over the US and Canada. These projects are critical to strengthening and/or improving our tunnels (pedestrian, auto/train, utilities, etc), mines, bridges, roads, water wells, concrete support columns, etc. Albina provides bent steel components to various fabricators and end users to meet the requirements for their numerous applications / needs- most of these projects are critical in nature and partially or fully supported with federal stimulus funds. Some products Albina produces includes:

  • Casing Cylinders
  • Rolled Plate Cylinders
  • Stiffeners
  • Curved Plate Sections for Earthquake Retrofits
  • Concrete Column Wraps
  • Tunnel Shoring Applications
  • Tunnel Supports
  • Tunnel Framework/Skeleton
  • Column and Bridge Supports
  • Cones
  • Other Plate Formed Sections